Left Unity Mass Debate


We here at Country Squire Magazine love to cheer up our wonderful readers on a cold and dreary January Monday.

Normally, we are guarded about the content we publish. Only occasionally do we risk touching the electric fence editorially. Today is one of these occasions, so look away now if you get offended by reading about puerile matters. If that is you then Vicar’s Sunday Prayer this week was excellent and will require no mindbleach, unlike what follows.

We decided that it’s our national duty to keep an eye on the Reds. They seem to have taken over Her Majesty’s Opposition. We feel it’s our editorial duty to show who they are by their actions and that includes shining a spotlight on what they like talking about….

Here follows a debate that took place on a public Facebook forum of Left Unity, the sort of loony Ken Loach vehicle that has since largely dissolved itself into Red Len McCluskey’s Labour, otherwise known as Momentum. Left Unity, of “ISIS is a stabilising force” & “North Korea solidarity” infamy, used to be way out there on the fringes before Jon Lansmann and Momentum rocked up, giving them a crack at Downing Street.

Here below you will see Left Unity’s response to an article about the leftist activist Owen Jones, who was burned in an article on All Mothers Work, a maternal feminist organisation and campaign group.

Happy reading!  (Really not safe for work by the way).

The next time you get accused of being a ****er by some bitter leftist mob on social media, just paste the link for this article into your reply to them.



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