Banzai Conservatism


Banzai Conservatism has conservatism at its heart. Combining a disposition to preserve with an ability to improve (Burke). Conservatives are people who love something actual and want to retain it (Scruton), but from time to time they also need to defend that something actual. In other words, often in their battle of a generation, they need to fight to defend their love.

Conservatism involves 3 scenarios: Perfect, Creeping & Guerrilla.

  • Perfect is where one’s society or land has become so peaceful and prosperous that government can be small and just involves a progressive tweak here and there.
  • Creeping is where Progressives are in charge, but they follow a relatively mild progressive brand, such as Blair’s New Labour in its early years or Bill Clinton in the US.
  • Guerrilla means ‘war’ for conservatives. When the progressive element is Hard Left socialist or communist revolutionary or theocratic absolutist and is threatening or destroying precisely what needs to be conserved. This is a time where the revolutionaries have either momentum, or rule the society (culture) or land.

Banzai Conservatism comes into play only in the latter scenario, although it can be used in the creeping scenario also – neither Blair’s policies or Clinton’s turned out to be benign.

Banzai Conservatism’s characteristics are:

  • Intrusive. Getting in and among the threatening cadres undercover and dividing them from within. Shining a light on Truth.
  • Popular. Changing the opposition to them from a top-down, hierarchical, typical opposition party, to a grassroots movement which wins popular support by its noble and chivalrous actions, from which a conservatism-respecting government in waiting can be engineered. Emphasis on serving rather than on power.
  • Cultural. Winning the propaganda war – the culture war – using the conservative’s ability to perceive truth and argue for justice. Using guerrilla methods (I write using the gentlemanly aspect of ‘guerrilla’ – cunning and wit) to virally spread messages, combat propaganda and make the people belly laugh at the progressive or theocratic opponent, who will be susceptible because of his reliance on the idée fixe, whether Marxist, extremist or religious.
  • Non-violent. In democracies there shall never be a need for violence from Banzai conservatives, as their principles and ideas, when deducted honestly, are correct, so they always trump whatever is thrown at them. The French Resistance in the Second World War combating Nazi oppressors achieved more by existing en esprit than by what it physically achieved using violence. Of course, should some autocrat or theocrat invade, war fought with external combatants will be vital.

Are conservatives happy to write articles, publish books and speak to thousands of (mostly) young men in echo chambers on the intellectual dark web? Or are they willing to be more proactive and conserve?

A modern-day scenario showing the need for Banzai Conservatism is Britain in 2018. As Corbyn’s Hard Left entities wipe away the mild progressive element of the British Labour Party using an effective and persuasive grassroots movement, the Banzai Conservative button should be pressed. Corbyn and Momentum can be ripped apart from the inside by turning hard left factions against hard left competing factions, all the while winning the hearts and minds of those prone to a year zero mentality around socialism; using viral videos, factoids and imaginative guerrilla targeting using publicity campaigning. A Chart lighting up Labour’s worst cadres and connections will isolate the Corbyn menace and spark internal backbiting and paranoia.

Another example is Venezuela. The opposition in Venezuela faces a communist dictatorship in its final, bloody throes. As a country, Venezuela requires imaginative, guerrilla conservatism to overthrow the murderous regime, followed by installation of a pragmatic, non-violent government which can be popular – based on sound principles.

Technology – social media and fake news – has made Banzai conservatism more necessary, as both the Hard Left and theocrats can abuse technology to appear larger and more powerful than they really are, while faking evidential discourse using video and audio to a point of brainwashing of large numbers of the populus in a short time period – a phenomenon that would have required many years’ shaping and work in the past to be effective.

When was the last time conservatives stormed an event or made threats to close down free speech? Tories (let us be generous and call them conservatives) do not stand outside the Labour conference shouting abuse at delegates. Why are hate, nastiness and uncivilised behaviour so inherent in the left wingers of our age? That is another question.

The answer for today and now is that Banzai Conservatism is the answer to the current malaise  – a malaise where conservatives sit back smugly, while MPs, allegedly of a conservative mindset, are often too sedentary and too louche. Four-wheel drive conservatism with a concise, intelligible proselytising message is lacking. That is Banzai Conservatism – it’s needed across many parts of the world right now and will be required well into the future.

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