A Prayer for Old Friends


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust You are well and healthy. That the cold is not getting You down. That the grey skies part and allow the sun to shine on You, at least once in a while.

This week I want You to think about old friends. Whoever comes into Your head, please pray for them using the Catholic Prayer from France, below.

This week, while driving through a town in Wales, I saw an old friend. I feel guilt now that I did not pull over and chat with him. He looked stressed and unwell. I cannot find him online. I should have forgotten the purpose of my visit and the rush hour and simply pulled over, although he did not see me.

Please pray for old friends. God Bless You and them. Have a peaceful and prosperous week ahead.

Blessed Mother of those whose names you can read in my heart, watch over them with every care. Make their way easy and their labours fruitful. Dry their tears if they weep; sanctify their joys; raise their courage if they weaken; restore their hope if they lose heart, their health if they be ill, truth if they err, and repentance if they fall.