Introduce UK Voter ID NOW


Labour clearly have something to hide. Why else would they be coming out in droves to reject Voter ID across the UK? Could it be that block votes from temples and mosques, or student double voting (in their university and home towns) could come to an end? Could it be that postal voting has been abused in the past? Could it be that such examples of former voting laxness – set to cease with ID checks – will result in less Labour votes than in the past?

There is no common-sense reason why Labour would reject ID checks for voters – such checks are commonplace across our world, from first to third. Especially in a climate where talk of Russian interference in Western elections is ubiquitous. Especially in an era when UK voters doubt the UK voting system more than they have in many decades, and complaints have reached record numbers.

ID is called for increasingly in modern life, partly as a result of counter terror measures and partly because technology has made large transactions feasible with the mere click of a mouse or swipe of a contactless card.

To strengthen the voting identification process, the Tories are introducing checks in five areas in a trial that could be extended nationwide, should it work successfully. In response Labour has suggested there’s no good reason for changing the system. “In fact, the changes seem to be a cynical ploy to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister,” argues The Canary, a pro-Corbyn publication often described as bird-brained by critics.

Call me mistrustful but Labour’s reaction, warbling about “an affront to Democracy” and “making it more difficult for the more vulnerable to vote” has echoes of the desperate Democrats in the US who pushed across various states for voter rights for illegal aliens while simultaneously talking a tough line on illegal immigration in the 2016 election. The analogous hypocrisy is eye-watering.

Here, Labour’s Cat Smith is talking utter nonsense:

Meanwhile Labour are also calling for votes for 16-year olds. Here is Jeremy Corbyn urging change:

16 year olds don’t merit the vote. Two simple words: life experience.

What is even more embarrassing for Labour here is its routine asking for ID at Labour events:


The fear of voter ID and the push for sixteen-year olds to have the vote smacks of desperation. Labour is all about exploiting the most gullible members of our society, who are more likely to fall for the Magic Money Tree and other socialist nonsense than more experienced people who have seen the wood for the trees.

Bring in Voter ID across the UK now – and let’s see how many real people are dumb enough to vote for Corbyn, if, as seems increasingly unlikely, he ever faces another General Election.