The Diversity Training Rip-Off


A friend who runs a business operating in a northern city was recently approached by a group of Diversity Training “officers”. They comprised an aggressive Trans and one other. This was, roughly, how the conversation went:

“Hello, we are here to arrange diversity training courses for your staff.”

“Are they free?”


“Who sent you?”

“We found our own way here.”

“So, you are officers? Officers from the Council? From Central Government?”

“No. We are from XXXXX Diversity Training Ltd”

“We don’t need diversity training. We are already employers of a myriad of people who get on just fine, thanks.”

“No, we have had reports that overt racism occurs in your offices and factory.”

“That’s a lie. You just made that up.”

“There’s no escaping the fact that your company must have diversity training, or it will continue to be racist and everyone will know you’re a racist company. You’ll be trashed in the media.”

“That’s utter nonsense. But how much are your courses, by the way? For a company with 120 employees?”

“In the region of £20,000.”

“You’re having a laugh. You’re threatening to trash us in the media for nothing. They are good people you could learn from, not the other way round. You’re con artists.”

“No. Your company simply must engage, or you will continue to be seen as racists.”

“Not interested. You’re a bunch of con artists.”

“No, we are not. We are funded by the XXX XXXX Trust. You can check with them.”

“Yes, I have heard of them, but they are just political activists. They can’t enforce anything let alone get in the way of our business.”

“You are very aggressive, sir. You’re transphobic, aren’t you? No wonder your company is so racist.”

“Seriously, you will be leaving our premises and never returning, or we’ll be calling the police.”

“Racist! We’ll make sure everyone knows you are racists! We’ll leave now but will be reporting you for hate speech.”


These kinds of conversations are going on all round the country. There are well-organised activists with private companies who have set up as “diversity trainers”. Many employers – especially those state-linked or scared of a bad press – will not have the circumspection or the nous of my friend.

This is a con. A massive con. And it needs to be stopped.

Instead of thrusting all kinds of unwanted material in front of our schoolchildren and wasting taxpayers’ money by forcing the Government into employing diversity and equality officers, perhaps the likes of Stonewall, Terence Higgins Trust and other members of what is increasingly becoming known as the Rainbow Reich could use their many donations teaching their radical church – especially crazed Trans Diversity activists up North – how to behave in a civilised manner? Equality was won, save a few minor skirmishes, years ago – well done, that was a positive and welcome achievement. But take note – Brits dislike bad winners even more than bad losers.

So, why not now step up to the plate and draw the red line? Or do these LGBT activists prefer to risk all progress by sticking with your queer theory through to its end, becoming classed as the paedophiles their beloved theory champions? (Don’t believe that Michel Foucault’s Queer Theory espouses the legalisation of child sex? Look him up and read his theory rather than resorting to threats and, at worst, seeing your activism spill over into these kinds of lowlife protection rackets.)

I am not saying these con artists who visited my friend are bona fide drones from Terence Higgins or Stonewall. But where do these charities draw the line? I challenge them to publicly declare, across a wide range of questions, where they stand. EXACTLY where they stand.

What if equality for the LGBT community had already been achieved? What if no one was dying of AIDs in the UK anymore? What then would Stonewall and the Terence Higgins Trust have left to do?

What should employers do to avoid these kinds of dodgy rackets that appeared at my friend’s workplace?

Don’t engage with these bigots. Send the diversity trainers packing. Take their names, photograph them and report them to the police if they try to rip you off. If you let them train your staff, they will only request you hire their “diverse” friends. They are the thin end of a destructive Marxist edge. See the danger coming.

I am gay. These people embarrass me. They do not represent me or any of my gay or trans friends. I wish the wider population would see through their insidious agenda. Spread this article and maybe they can.

Mark Greene is a Guest Writer from Oldham who works in local government.