Hold Your Nerve, Brexiteers


The EU Referendum result on the 23rd June 2016 was Britain at its best. Despite being told the world as we knew it was going to evaporate before us – Project Fear – the people saw through the nonsense and voted to leave the increasingly impinging and undemocratic EU. There were Brits crying in the streets, with tears of joy rolling down their faces.

Sure, there were also the losers.

Such is democracy. British democracy. Either live by it or go find another country to live in where you’ll feel more at home.

Most of the losers moved on from the vote loss. They dusted themselves down in that most British of ways and got on with their lives. Sometimes the price of freedom is accepting results you don’t like.

Some of the losers behaved appallingly. In that most unBritish of ways (indeed many of the losers are not even British – there are vocal Australians, Germans and those of other nationalities remoaning, many living off the public teat in universities and other soft underbellies of our bloated academic and administrative infrastructure). Some of these losers seem to actually hate Britain and all it stands for – frankly, the type of people who should have taken a hike years ago.

Other losers – Brits – were vocal in their objections to the result, whined and added #FBPE to their Twitter names. Some, embarrassingly, dressed themselves in the EU flag and took their guitars down to Parliament Square. They moaned and moaned and moaned – embarrassing themselves forever as whiny, little footnotes against the golden backcloth of the great history of this country. Those who stuck their heads above the parapet will never be forgotten. Their infamy is assured. People like Alastair Campbell (perhaps because he had nothing more to lose after Iraq), politicians like Hilary Benn, Dominic Grieve and Anna Soubry, self-promoting nonentities like AC Grayling and the never-elected Lord Adonis. They painted Brexit as the act of stupid or culturally primitive racists when they all knew – away from their echo chambers – that Brexit was the act of brave and stubborn Brits who wanted a chance in their lifetimes to build Britain free of the burden of Europeans who could never match their ingenuity or enterprise; Europeans who, frankly, apart from the Germans, wouldn’t know one end of an economy from the other; Europeans Brits were paying through the nose for with their hard work.

Brexiteers – as they see the awful Chequers plan and the (albeit temporary) sidelining of the Brexit campaign’s loudest voices in the last couple of days – should take heart in knowing these people will go down in British history as the very worst of losers; people their descendants will be embarrassed to mention being related to; those who stood in the way of the democratic will of the British people; those who in days gone past would have been driven into the sea off a nearby cliff or hung, drawn and quartered, with their heads stuck on pikes, for daring to go against the legal will of the people.

The EU is a failed experiment. It should have stayed as a common market. The Euro was, and is, a house of cards. The EU has sown the seeds of its own destruction through ever-greater complexity and meddling as the benefits for its citizens shrivel. (Many EU leaders now no longer deny that these problems exist and will be fatal). Over future years the dominance of Germany in the EU will be reinforced and EU citizens, as they are beginning to do in Hungary, Poland, Austria, Greece and Italy, will break out and rebel, likely in pockets then pools of violence. There will be blood on the streets – far more than Merkel’s migration plans have spilt already. There’s your project fear – it’s called the failed vision of the likes of Delors; it’s called the European Union. Those associated with its increasing federalism will be black-marked by history forever.

Let’s face it, the Brexit we voted for on June 23rd, over two years ago, may take decades more, depending on how and when the EU falls and who we vote into Westminster. One Labour peer recently stated he thought that Brexit might take fifty years.

The admirable Steve Baker MP explains in detail what forces Brexiteers are pitted against and why in an interview yesterday:

Brexiteers should take heart from the fact that May’s Chequers plan will likely be rejected by the EU, whose focus seems to be political rather than economic, and we may still head for a no deal, which would give us more the Brexit we voted for. Still, be sure they will likely find some kind of last minute compromise which means the Brexit we voted for will not come to pass this time round; that our freedom from the EU is somehow delayed.

So, we will have won the battle but not the war. Brexit in name rather than substance.

So, we have much still to do:

The younger generations, who blindly voted Remain, need educating. Forces need directing at the Establishment through the rise of a Brexit-promising party, which can replace the anti-Semitic, Marxist dross that Labour has become. Mainstream media needs to be galvanised. Opportunities of Brexit need to be highlighted, again, and better. If it means being the radicals for one or even two decades to come, then let Brexiteers be the radicals. Those who resist can never stop this popular tide and are doomed to ignominy.

First, let us expose the loudest voices of Remoan. It’s time they had their comeuppance. We have the resources, the wit and the vote of the people to tear them to shreds. Then let’s reorganise the troops and redevelop our strategies. The gloves are off now. No need for violence or marches – we can outwit the Remoaners, again, in our sleep.

Hold your nerve, Brexiteers. This war is ours to see through to the end – to victory.