A Prayer for the Dying


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that this missive finds You well and that You are enjoying the summer.

Two Mondays back I received a call from a parishioner explaining that they would be unable to complete their parish duties for the foreseeable because they had just been diagnosed with cancer. Three days later the parishioner died. The diagnosis was brought about when the parishioner went to see the doctor about a bad back.

Sometimes death comes like a thief in the night. At other times death can be a long and drawn-out process. I have known those at death’s door to last for many years and the apparently-healthy to die overnight.

So, today I would like to pray for the dying. For my parishioner and her family. For all those in similar situations whose loved ones are close to the end of this chapter and nearer God’s kingdom than us.

I wish You all a peaceful week ahead and a joyous Sunday, even if Gareth Southgate’s men are absent from today’s main event!

Dear Lord Our Father,

Thank you for the comfort we find in Your presence. Through the Holy Spirit we know Your presence is with us. Send us Your peace Lord; the peace that passes all understanding. Don’t let us waiver and doubt. Give us a faith that is everlasting. We release our lives into Your hands. As we wait and watch, we know Lord that none of us will escape this journey through death. Teach us how to embrace it with faith. Give us strength to hold up those who are stepping closer to seeing You face to face. Take away the fear in the heart of our loved one who will soon see You; let them find peace in Your grace, comfort in Your love, and strength in Your mighty power over death. Comfort us as our grief seems to over power us.