Welcome to the TERF Wars


It was some two hundred thousand years ago that our early ancestors made use of the two unique gifts that our burgeoning sentience brought us – those of pattern recognition and imagination. It was then that time came into being – and from that moment on we were propelled forward into an ever increasing and ever more complex world of civilisation. What could this have to do with a clutch of middle-aged old-school Marxist 2nd Wave Lesbian Feminists hijacking the Pride in London event two weekends ago? Just this: look deeply at this canary dropping asphyxiated from its perch, try to see the emerging pattern of behaviour and use that wonderful imagination to extrapolate where all this is inevitably headed.

The banner this small group of (real) women held aloft proclaimed loudly a notion that all should be quite familiar with but has recently not just fallen out of fashion but become de facto ‘hate speech’. What could this vile message have been?

“Lesbian = Female Homosexual”.

It hardly seems something to write home about, does it? And yet this issue (what to most must seem a piffling fringe issue in the grand scheme of the current political maelstrom), represents the very bleeding edge of the Culture War at this moment in time. You see, the Neomarxist postmodern word thieves are at it again, and ‘Lesbian’ is the word they are after, much to the chagrin of Lesbians, oddly enough.

These old-school Marxist 2nd wave Feminists are locked in what is increasingly looking like a duel to the death with their usurpers – the Postmodernist Neomarxist 3rd Wave Feminists and their chosen people; the now almost ubiquitous ‘trans women’. One doesn’t appear to be able to move even a fraction of an inch in any direction these days without falling foul of this quite ludicrous gaggle of frankly insane post-structuralist subjective dogmatists, who become ever more rabid with each passing tick of the clock… but let us get some perspective here:

UK population 2018 [est] 67,064,000
Trans people in the UK [conservative estimate] 500,000
This is 0.7455564833591793% of the population.

This is the Neomarxist postmodern tail that wags the societal dog and is wholeheartedly supported by old school Marxist, Jeremy Corbyn’s increasingly unhinged Labour party – you know the one; the one that appoints a 19-year-old boy in bad make-up as a women’s officer.

Don’t believe me? Visit the website Terf is a Slur.

Postmodernism is like some noxious, virulent bacillus that has overflowed the bounds of it’s petri dish and threatens to consume all that come into contact with it leaving them little more than obsessive sex zombies. Lesbians have every right to object to their orientation being rewritten under their noses – and the quite frankly rapey notion of the ‘cotton ceiling’ which sums up the attitude of the men in frocks claiming to be lesbians that insist that it is deeply ‘transphobic’ of *actual* lesbians to not want to engage in sex with people that possess a penis – regardless of how they dress or choose to act. The whole thing might be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that once Lesbianism has been successfully re-defined, the increasingly cult like trans lobby shall move inexorably onto homosexual men. After that, the rest us shall feel their Neomarxist ire, guaranteed.


Can you see a pattern forming? With the world’s mainstream media all too quick to jump on the virtue-signalling bandwagon that’s conveniently attached to a rainbow gravy train packed out with a slew of big name corporations all too willing to cynically indulge in a vapid multi-coloured re-brand for one month a year in order to screw as many pink pounds out of the pockets of the witless as they can – and all of them endlessly repeating the now rather creepy mantra “Trans women are real women”.

The singer Alison Moyet recently ran afoul of the Trans lobby for a tweet. For daring to insist in what was a perfectly reasonable tweet that she is simply a ‘woman’ and NOT – as the tenets of this new religion of genderism insist – a ‘cis-woman’. Quickly vilified, she made the mistake of hastily apologising, and has subsequently left Twitter for what one can only presume is some well needed breathing space. Such heresy cannot go unpunished.

The fabricated victim-hood of the transgender community is wearing thin with wider society as negative stories pile up in the papers. The case of a man beaten unconscious on a Tube station platform by 4 men in wigs and high heels being reported as a crime having been committed by ‘women’ without even the trans prefix, points towards the direction in which society is headed if the brakes aren’t applied sharply – and soon.

With the government’s consultation into the Gender Recognition Act now in full swing regarding the notion of ‘self-identification’, we appear to be inexorably inching towards a future in which statistical data regarding the sexes becomes utterly meaningless – and make NO mistake this IS a neomarxist power grab being conducted right under our very noses in real time. What kind of world are we creating for our children and grand-children where the Census, crime figures, medical records and indeed, pretty much EVERY bit of data we hold that has a reliance on accurately recording the sex of an individual becomes essentially meaningless? To question the validity of an individual’s claims as to their ‘gender’ becomes a ‘hate crime’?

One can only imagine how pleased natural born women up and down the country are to learn that a notorious child murderer like Ian Huntley is now a ‘real woman’ too. How to even use his ‘dead name’ is a violation of his Human Rights? (That’s the Lib Dem stance on this issue – and it is barely better than that of the Labour party who appear to have not only accepted the tenets of this cult-like pseudo-religion, but actively promote them – ‘Lily’ Madigan has already been found to be running private Facebook groups with the intention of ‘outing’, doxxing and expelling so-called TERF’s from the party).

The very idea of a Conservative government even giving this specious postmodernism the time of day – let alone accepting the language of the linguistic warfare of postmodernism by repeating their mantras and adopting their lexicon  – should be enough to dispel any specious notions of this group of people being in any way ‘oppressed’. To the rational eyes of the bipartisan onlooker for whom this bleeding edge of the Culture War has only become recently and starkly apparent, it is plain to see that this tiny group is easily one of THE most powerful that our society has seen in a long, long time – and that they wield that power with a casual disregard for reputations, careers and livelihoods.

We are seeing a very twisted version of the Stanford Prison Experiment being conducted in real time right in front of our faces, and we are allowing perhaps one of the most ideologically possessed and frankly demented sections of society to call the shots. School uniforms are being radically rewritten along with bathroom rules and a plethora of other apparently minor facets of society lest a trans person feel ‘excluded’. For even a teacher to refer to his class as ‘boys and girls’ is a sacrilege and there are no longer any ‘ladies and gentlemen’ on the London Underground.

So now do you see a pattern forming? It doesn’t take much imagination to see where we are headed: 200,000 years of Human history and our very nature is on the table now – and the decisions we take now shall have the most massive of implications and repercussions for decades and generations to come.

Welcome to the TERF wars – we are all on the front lines now.

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