Moody Thoughts


“Laurie Penny has over 140,000 followers on Twitter” the bio of her recent 3rd Wave Feminist Manifesto “Bitch Doctrine” proudly declares. I currently have 509 followers and lose (or gain) a couple every so often, remaining around the 500 mark. So, is this vastly larger Twitter audience indicative of Penny’s superior talent (considering I am but a mere self-published author and she boasts a Literary Agent) or is something else going on?

Milo Yiannopoulos (who Penny seemed to hate more than any man on earth) had around 300,000 followers before he was banned for life from Twitter. Legendary author Stephen King, who actively sought to get Milo’s “Dangerous” banned from bookshops, has over a million followers. Milo used this controversy to swamp alternative social media such as Facebook and Instagram with his “dangerous faggot” media, but I personally believe his career trajectory was only heading one way after he posted sickeningly insensitive comments about the Pop Singer Ariana Grande minutes after the Manchester atrocity. I read his book nonetheless. Lacklustre, self-aggrandising, self-mythologizing, lazy.

Laurie Penny, like all 3rd Wave Feminists, is by definition a female psychopath, so is convinced objectivity is male subjectivity, as is the unpleasant transvestite artist Grayson Perry who is hugely enamoured with the growing transgender movement (the most dangerous psychiatric disorder in history).

To call Miss Penny a psychopath may sound harsh, but if she is willing to call me a “Nazi” on Twitter (she may well have either deleted the tweet or plum forgotten, being the rock star she so clearly is) then expect a reaction. Laurie has spent time in psychiatric units for self-harm and eating disorders, not to mention gender dysphoria, and has recently been tweeting about a coming “purge of white men”. According to a YouTube debate she had with David Starkey, he accused her of refusing to speak at the function unless she was paid upwards of £20,000. Like all psychopaths, it would seem she very clearly has no idea what anybody else is thinking, and the bizarre, “anguished” tale she wrote about in “Bitch Doctrine” about a handsome student apologising and saying “Sorry, I only sleep with really beautiful girls”, genuinely affected her in a way that makes me question her mental stability. That she cried for three days after Trump was elected (and he was elected for primarily economic reasons based on Obama’s many failures) – an election she was not legally allowed to vote in – makes me feel little but contempt for her. Judging from her numerous TV appearances, I don’t believe I am alone in thinking this way.

Another Lefty Twitter Warrior, Owen Jones, so conflicted with impotent rage he wrote an article for a Left-Wing Broadsheet entitled “Why Centrists Are the New Extremists” (which makes no logical sense) seems to be fuelled with the same dark rage as your typical US Incel school shooter. But according to his sycophantic online fans, he is a passionate, eloquent defender of the working classes, hence his book CHAVS, which I have not yet read.

The more Twitter politicos enjoying their online celebrity and defending 3rd Wave Feminism (Female Psychopathy) or transgender rights (serious mental illness) whilst denigrating the Royal Family and supporting far left politicians like Jeremy Corbyn who hate the Queen (and could potentially introduce a blanket inheritance tax to steal your money from your children). Well, the more rope they provide to hang themselves with.

Anyone who claims Hilary either “won” the election or would have been a better President should be considered at best mentally unbalanced, especially if they compulsively and endlessly post or tweet about it on social media.

Trump could only ever have become president opposite a candidate as appalling and hateful as Hilary Clinton, and it was her husband, even more than Nixon, who finally sullied forever the brand of the “US President: Man of Honour”. This is still something enraged Democrats can’t understand.

Politics is management, more or less, and I can only predict a Trump 2020 landslide if he continues on his current trajectory. In many ways, and as funny as this may sound, he may well go down in history as the first Great US President of the 21st Century.

Andrew Moody attended the top non-private grammar school in the UK and by age 17 had written and performed his first rap track, MIDDLE CLASS WHITE BOY, with his sights on a novelist career. Two years later he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and remains under the care of Oxleas NHS – even now, sixteen years later. A regular contributor to Splice Today, and the self-published author of the now notorious anti-psychiatry novel SMOKING IS COOL (paid for entirely out of his mental health benefits) Andrew is also an accomplished Battle Rapper. Andrew seeks to expose the insidious Academic Left Wing Agenda, and longs to see the end of Old Corby before he ends the UK forever…  he’ll be a regular on Country squire Magazine keeping a blow-by-blow account of the culture wars. If you’re brave enough, you can follow Andrew Moody on Twitter @VoguishFiction