I Know His Type


Jeremy Corbyn came into his own during last year’s snap election. Drawing huge crowds, appearing calm, prepared, well spoken, he made a fool out of PM Theresa May on the TV debates she refused to turn up to. The Utopian Labour Manifesto (impossible to implement) was wildly popular with socialist-identifying British. Of course Socialists tend to be far less capable in a fight – relying on the collective – and far more in need of a messiah.

Principally because the Conservative Manifesto wanted to bring back fox hunting, I chose to vote Labour as a protest vote. Then, when Labour hung the parliament, I saw something in Mr Corbyn’s eyes that chilled me to the bone, and had only ever seen occasionally during my 16 years in the NHS psychiatric system. Something insidious. Something evil. An expression that said “I’ve got you now, you bastards…”

I’ve seen this expression before. In borderline personalities, violent offenders, and even murderers. I instantly regretted my vote, and the increased and blanket support of the Mercedes Marxists of the powerful Liberal UK media fills me with unease.

Take for example Corbyn’s sympathies to the enemies of Britain – to Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA. A recent Daily Telegraph article detailed Jezza’s campaign for the release of two convicted terrorists who bombed the Israeli embassy in London and a Jewish charity building, injuring 20 people. He has also been linked to holocaust denier Paul Eisen, virulent anti-semitist Raed Salah and the Muslim extremist Dyab Abou Jahjah.

This week’s wreath-laying fiasco sees a man answering calmly being pushed into anger by questioners not accepting his answers – I’ve seen this before inside the hospital wards as the obvious truth gets denied by the “paths” with beds alongside us. You were caught with the wreath on camera, Mr Corbyn – you cannot deny you were there on the side of the true terrorists. Other journalists may give Corbyn the benefit of the doubt for his hard Left Leninist and anti-Semitic politics. I won’t, because I’ve seen his kind before, just never one of these creatures who’s getting so close to genuine power.

Don’t be fooled. This is no JC. As Dave Rich writes eloquently (and urgently) in The Left’s Jewish Problem “there are other forms of Antisemitism to which many on the left appear oblivious, one of which appeared directly before Corbyn when he made his May Day speech. The audience that stood and listened to the Labour Party leader that day included marchers carrying banners with images of Joseph Stalin. In the late 1940s, Stalin crushed Jewish political and cultural activity in the Soviet Union. In the early 1950s, he oversaw anti-Semitic purges of Jewish Communist Party figures in the Soviet Union and its satellite states in Eastern Europe. These purges were not just anti-Semitic because they targeted Jews in the local Communist parties; they also used explicitly anti-Jewish language and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in their prosecution.”

The Hard Left Labour government run by Jeremy “Joe Stalin” Corbyn could destroy England forever. Call me crazy if you like, but heed this warning: Know what he is and no more complacency please. Ditch this sociopath. For the sake of the Realm.

I apologise wholeheartedly for voting Labour last year. Mea Culpa.

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Andrew wrote this piece from his hospital ward. Andy is currently hospitalised under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act, “although I am thankfully being discharged to the community in three days”. We wish him all the best.