The Myth of White Privilege


Whilst educated to a middle-class standard, by the time my 21st birthday arrived (spent alone inside a cell in a psychiatric ward) I was living off mental health benefits and completely written off work. I lived in temporary accommodation in Vauxhall in SW London at the tail end of a decade of hard drug abuse (purchased off primarily blacks or ex-convict whites) but soon I didn’t want it anymore, causing shock and rage to herald from my drug friends who accused me of “getting a big head. “

Most of them are in jail now.

I managed to escape Carlton Parade and lived homeless for a while. Then back in Vauxhall I found myself a beautiful black African girlfriend, who happened to be a Muslim too. Of course, just my luck, it turned out she was a psychopath. All I had to do for the “loving girlfriend experience” was every single part of her uni coursework, and not to get less than a first on each. I won’t name her, her uni, or the titles of her essays but will say I received 96% for a chapter of what was to be her Mein Kampf for her home country (no joke) about a Burka-clad woman who spits in her husband’s tea. The climax would have been a major terror attack In London which she would have gotten away with. Even when she tried to force me to write that H. G Wells’ The War of the Worlds was not science fiction, I fell in love with her. I tried valiantly, and she loved it and me – up until the mark came out. 38%.

“Man, I could get any pipe hitting nigger to do betta dan dat, shit you some writer or something? “

That night she slept with another man in front of me.

Drily I replied: “Muslim women spend a shit load on lingerie.”

“You know dat, nigger,” she giggled.

The relationship broke down due to her violent moods, infidelity and coke use. Now here I am back in the mental ward reminiscing. No idea where she is and I don’t care.

My primary nurse is black. He’s a great guy. To my questions on race privilege, he carefully answered: “There is no such thing as white privilege, there is no such thing as black privilege.”

Men and women of Anglo-African descent run the NHS psychiatric services and I am glad he said these words to me.

I have been all over London, lived in the crummiest of flats, been a homeless crackhead, have witnessed my own teeth falling out of my gob in the past.

Privilege is nutrition, good dental hygiene, intelligence, stability and being free from the demon of mental illness. It cannot be measured by pigmentation. What’s good in you starts from the inside.

In this age of Identity Politics and exploiters of colour and race, you remember that. White privilege is political construct used by racialist opportunists. Lammy, Abbott, Lewis … we see through you and know exactly what you are.

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