Sticks & Stones


First they complained that Brexit voters were misled by a bus advert. Next they complained that Brexit voters were racist. Then they whined about how Brexit voters were uneducated. Then came the gammon insults. These were linked to stories about Brexit voters dying off because they were so old. Northern Brexit voters then took loads of stick. Then Facebook got the blame as Facebook ads subconsciously used black magic to convince diehard Remain voters to vote leave. And now Brexit voters are all criminals:

Jesus wept.

What is next in the #FBPE name-calling repertoire? Are Brexiteers all satanic perhaps? Is there a correlation between Brexiteers and LSD usage? Do Brexiteers engage in mass sheep-meddling? Is it a lack of zinc which drives people to wish for an exit from the nirvanic EU? Is voting leave an allergic reaction to mango chutney?

In the 2016 referendum, 17.4 million votes, or 51.9 per cent of votes cast, backed leaving the EU while 16.1 million votes, or 48.1 per cent of votes cast, backed staying. The vote was the ultimate People’s Vote. People who are usually so fed up with politicians they prefer to go to work than bother voting – even they showed up to vote. Even the BBC admitted the referendum vote was the People’s Vote as it published the results in black and white from all corners of these islands.

So, 17.4 million people in the UK are criminals are they? Or just some of the 1.3 million (triple the headcount on the recent march by remain diehards in Westminster) who won the vote for Leave?

At what point do these chicken brains give up? Will they ever give up? Don’t they ever catch a bus, or ride in a train, and talk to their fellow Britons who, frankly, just want the darned thing done and dusted? Don’t they see through the likes of bandwagonners Alastair Campbell and Gina Miller? Don’t they feel even a tad embarrassed by Bob Geldof and Supergirl (no, not the real one – the sad one)? Can’t they see through the various EU-funded organisations and companies which continually spout bad news about Brexit? Don’t they know that turd-budger Charlie Mullins from Pimlico Plumbers is the bloke you call when your bog’s blocked, not for the latest updates in geopolitics?



Britain should be a positive, self-governing, outward-looking, prosperous country that attracts the best and the brightest from across the world to study, work and live here. Not a country whose face is in any way represented by anti-democratic, whining plonkers who, frankly, need to chew on a Snickers.

Brexiteers’ aspirations for this country are shared by the vast majority of British people, whether they voted Leave or Remain. Brexit is now – wonderfully – unstoppable. So let’s bring Brexit Britain together and drown out these embarrassing #FBPE muppets once and for all. Here is a good place to start building for our future – Leavers and Remainers of all political hues back together. Time to remember how we used to be pre-referendum when – whether we knew it or not – we were scrapping as one. Time to reunite and heal – give Brexit Britain the cohesion and productivity she requires to flourish. Time to close ranks and switch off the whining for good.

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