Why So Arrogant?


I’d never previously paid much attention to Emily Thornberry, apart from making a mental note that she reminded me somewhat of snooty Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter.


Why should I? She seemed like yet another Corbynite letting down the word “shadow”. I mean, John McDonnell a shadow chancellor? Diane Abbott a shadow home secretary? Angela Rayner shadow secretary of state for education? Really?

I am old enough to remember when such titles were associated with competence, clarity and capability. I think of shadow chancellor Geoffrey Howe, shadow home secretary Ann Widdecombe and shadow education secretary Roy Hattersley. Not all everyone’s cup of tea but big political beasts nonetheless.

I could imagine any of those three running a blue chip company or heading up a top university. I cannot imagine Emily Thornberry or Diane Abbott let alone John McDonnell achieving anything away from Westminster.

So, why the arrogance?

What makes Emily Thornberry (Lady Nugee) so unpleasant and rude? Why the sneering at white van man? What possesses this woman to think she is so high and mighty she can treat interviewers and the rest of us with disdain? (Apparently Thornberry thinks she will be the next PM!!!!!! As Mike Meyers in Wayne’s World put it, “and monkeys might fly out of my butt”) Just watch the video below from 7 minutes on: 

Now remember Diane Abbott when she was faced with Jodie Marsh: 

It is somewhat ironic that the Left (the hard Left admittedly) – self-proclaimed representatives of the working class – are the biggest snobs of the lot. Abbott attended Harrow County Grammar School for Girls while Thornberry was born in Guildford … it’s not as if they are suffering from minor boarding school chip-on-shoulder bigotry nor a dose of aristocracy.

Watching Thornberry in that interview with Andrew Marr looking on the bright side of brutal dictator Fidel Castro – utterly depressing. Why do these people never go and live with the families affected by socialism in hellholes like Cuba or Venezuela? Human Rights Watch said thousands were jailed in abysmal prisons, thousands more were harassed and intimidated in Fidel Castro’s Cuba and that entire generations were denied political freedoms, a system based on abuses which felt increasingly anachronistic. Is that what Momentum have planned for us here in Britain?

It is difficult to forget Abbott with a similarly misplaced eulogy on another Marx-infected man of evil – looking at the positives of mass-murderer Mao:

As for the laughing sociopath John McDonnell, the less said about his admiration for bloodthirsty Mao the better:

At what point does the British electorate see through this sorry bunch of Marxist snobs and clowns? When do the decent Labour MPs break away and form the respectable opposition this country merits? When will competent people see the benefits of entering politics?

UK politics has become nothing short of hair-pulling agony to watch.

How can anyone vote Labour?

Wake up Britain. Enough of their Trotskyite nastiness. Put these unpleasant weirdos – their snobbishness, their viciousness, the rampant antisemitism – back in their box. The joke is well and truly over. Don’t let them land the joke on us.