Face Criminals


And so, the modern transnational Left descends even further into absurdity with the adoption of Orwell’s ‘face-crime’. The fact that the look on the face of just one young lad can single-handedly cause a meltdown of such titanic proportions would be risible – if it weren’t for the fact that the reaction to the initial, highly-edited video clip was so uniformly monstrous.

Whilst a lot of the manufactured outrage was little more than progressive pearl-clutching, there were a sizeable number of the initial flurry of tweets that were frankly psychotic in nature. One of the very worst this writer saw was from a Disney film producer, no less. His tweet suggested that the boys from Covington Catholic Boys School should be ritually slaughtered by use of a wood-chipper – and that it should be performed hat (and therefore head) first…

morrissey tweet

Just the kind of person you want making films that entice our children into the cinema, right?

It appears that the Left’s blood is up – and their blood pressure too – not least for all the walking back that then occurred in the 24 hours after the media circus had pitched its big top and the barkers had started bellowing “Roll up! Roll up! Come see the face of White Privilege in the flesh! DARE you see ‘the smirk’ in real life!!!”

Of course, people did not wait until the full, un-edited Covington clip started to circulate across the internet. There’s a LOT of egg on countless faces now, as the furore dies down and the facts emerge.

When even the woke and wealthy Liberal mouthpieces – headed by the increasingly insufferable Whoopi Goldberg – suffer the cognitive dissonance of recognising their own Pavlovian reaction of confirmation bias on live TV in front of millions, you might just think that they’d all take a collective step backwards and indulge in just a smidgeon of self-reflection. But alas, that isn’t the way they do things on the Left anymore. Regardless of the race-baiting and overt homophobia of the black Israelites, regardless of the fact the heroic Native American Elder that had served with valour in the Vietnam war turned out to be what those that have actually served in the military call a ‘Walt’, regardless of the fact that the full clip shows the chap with the drum walked straight into the crowd, got right up in the kid’s face and banged his drum mere inches away from him… well, facts don’t seem to matter to the modern Left, do they?

So, the hunt was on for all those Internet sleuths that have nothing better to do with their day than to go muck-raking – to find incontrovertible truth about the evil white boys with their privileged smirks at their racist Catholic school. The whole thing descended into absurdity in only a matter of hours, with decades-old photos taken from Facebook and the ravenous shouts for ALL the kids that were present to be doxxed – presumably in order to allow a gathering of villagers to congregate outside their homes with flaming torches held aloft. And it wasn’t just bandwagon-jumping nonentities that were howling for violence to be meted out – yet again the names of certain ‘celebrities’ were the most prominent.

The whole affair was topped off with a gleaming cherry on the cake – as the patently unhinged Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasia “Red” Cortez used the full acreage of the whites of her eyes to declare that the world was going to end in 12 years!

The lunacy has no bounds now – and the truly scary thing is that if the Left are allowed to continue with their demented outrage bus pulling up alongside each and every 10 second clip of video that confirms their bias, followed by the Fake News media concocting all manner of soundbites and manufactured back stories (or ‘lies’ as we once quaintly called them) – and all to satiate the appetite for convoluted and psychotic fantasy violence – then Red might just be right!

The actions of the Left today are enough to make any sane person smirk – but that being a face-crime now, you best just wipe that smirk off your face. The way things are headed, in 12 years from now smirking will be an arrestable offence.

Just walk away, Lefties.