Sack Snow


Last night’s rowdy protest outside the House of Commons was totally understandable. The people voted for Brexit and now a parliament replete with Remainers has delayed their wishes. What did they expect?

Meanwhile the BBC and other mainstream media organisations have either ignored or dissembled the anger of Brexiteers and are making out that those who want Brexit are untermenschen and racists. What disgusts voters is this double insult – the unrepresentative disgrace that parliament has become and the fact they are forced by law to pay licence fees to support many of the anti Brexit dissemblers.

Jon Snow of Channel 4 – a commercial channel bound by impartiality rules – is down there with the worst of the worst of the sneering metropolitan elite.

“I have never seen so many white people in one place,” he declared last night. “It’s an extraordinary story, there are people everywhere.”

This comment is an utter disgrace and Jon Snow should be put out to pasture.

What on earth has the skin colour of protesters got to do with anything? Has Snow never been to Lords for an Ashes match, or gone to Glastonbury with his pals from Labour? (Oh dear, yes Snow did attend Glastonbury and was caught on camera chanting F*** the Tories). Did Snow not attend church with his white father, the Bishop of Whitby? The UK’s predominantly a white country as he would have realised if he’d looked at the diehard Remoan march last weekend.

At least John Humphrys has some respect for licence fee payers and has agreed to hang up his microphone. Meanwhile Snow’s broadcasts are increasingly scatter-gun and error-ridden – turning into a shambles.

In fact there were people from various ethnic minorities present and they are as Brexiteer as any Brexiteer. Clearly they did not fit into Snow’s bigoted view of Brexit.

Snow should be sacked. At 71 he’s too prone to stumbling his words, too prone to this kind of racist outburst and too prone to sneering liberal bigotry. If he wants to continue with his broadcasting career he should do so away from the requirements of impartiality a national channel like Channel 4 necessitates. The protesters standing outside parliament yesterday included Etonians and multi-millionaires happily mixing with fishermen and taxi drivers – Brexit is the great leveller which smashes the class structure to smithereens and has hard-working Brits wondering why their hard-earned cash ever went anywhere near creating a cult like Channel 4 News. One feels pity for the likes of Michael Crick, Paraic O’Brien and Gary Gibbon – truth-seeking journalists who shine out like diamonds in a pile of horse excrement.

There can be good to come from Snow’s bias and bigotry – from the channel’s anti-Brexit stance. Channel 4 was considered for privatisation by the governments of Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair. As of 2016 the future of the channel was again being looked into by the government, with analysts suggesting several options for the channel’s future. A new Prime Minister will be sorely tempted to name a price.

Richard Desmond are you interested? Just for the fun of turning Channel 4 News into Fox?

Whoever takes control of Channel 4, there are some P45’s in order. The brilliant Robert Downey Jr would concur. 

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