Political Suicide


Is Theresa May mad? Is she on a suicide mission of some kind? Seeking to cause as much damage as possible wherever she can? Is she playing a game of Opposite Machiavelli, where at all times one does the opposite of what cunning Niccolo urged for the prince? Does she have something against Democracy? At what point did voters become an inconvenience to her?

So many questions. So few answers. Just chaos.


Why on earth would a Tory Prime Minister with a reputation for sobriety and a steady hand risk the annihilation of the Conservative Party vote in the upcoming local and European elections? Wasn’t the whole point of the EU Referendum to bury Farage – not breathe fresh life into him? Meanwhile what sense is there in seeking help from a Marxist, terrorist sympathiser who puts everyone except Britain first? Why keep trying to push her stinker of a withdrawal agreement through the Commons when, plainly, it damages the country which Tory MPs requested that she lead?

See what I mean? Too many opposites.

Why repel Tory activists who go out on freezing cold Saturdays to convince voters on their doorsteps of the Conservative way? Some activists are tearful – while others are fearful – because of the litany of errors manifested by Theresa May as Prime Minister.

Is Mrs May one of those who believes that every generation needs to get socialism out of its system? If so, get into brace position – get yourselves set for hyperinflation under magic grandpa and mad Marxist McDonnell.

There seems no other logical explanation. Has Opus Dei got to her perhaps? Is she testing the theory of no government as the result of some kind of a student bet with her husband?

May must be on a suicide mission. The woman is such a complete and utter disaster that she must be making purposeful efforts to be so crap. According to latest voter intentions, the Brexit Party and Count Dankula’s UKIP (he with a Nazi-saluting pug called Buddha) have more vote share than the Conservative Party.

Jesus wept.

Well, Jesus is surely weeping now. How can a Vicar’s daughter be such a liar? Didn’t she learn the 10 Commandments? Thou shalt not bear false witness? Just take a long hard look at a list of her whopping great lies as recalled by one of her own party MPs just last week:


The UK’s negotiation strategy and vision has been missing in action under May and she has struggled to define what Brexit should mean. Her Brexit withdrawal deal losing by a massive 202 to 432 was stunning – the biggest defeat by any British government in over a century. UK governments have only been defeated in the House of Commons by a margin of more than 100 votes three times in the last century, and May’s loss easily exceeded those defeats. All of those previous votes were way back in 1924, underlining what a historic reversal the three defeats of May’s Withdrawal Agreement represent, and why May’s remaining authority has been shredded.

Was this the intention all along? Political suicide? As negative a tally as possible?

Imagine being one of Theresa May’s SPADs! How on earth will they get a job in future after being party to the current mess? Away from the bunker bubble of Number 10 there is a truly grim choice emerging – one which is far too big for Theresa May to handle. It’s bigger than Brexit. (By clinging on limpet-like to power she must be mad unless the carnage the choice entails is one she relishes as the suicidal politician she may be.)

The stark choice facing the leader of the Conservative Party is this:

Choose to govern an independent liberal United Kingdom OR try to oppose Marxism in our corner of the EU. (A choice that takes cojones).

Mrs May, please go.


Problems are mounting while you fail to lead.

You are not up to it. Your errors have led to us needing a Superman. Your legacy is chaos. And you are simply a hole in the air.