The Myth of Privilege


The word “privilege” has been co-opted by the Marxists alongside words which used to be marvellous, like “liberal” and “progressive”. Privilege – once a motive for thankfulness – is now just another weapon in their postmodern arsenal of intersectionality. It’s the favoured baseball bat with which these comrades club their prime targets – white men – around the heads. Especially when white men (or others who refuse to toe the Marxist line and become useful idiots or enforcing Obergruppenführers) do not succumb to conviction within “racist” or “sexist” categories.

For the BAME movement, it’s “white privilege” – that’s their preferred weapon. For the Corbynites, it’s the “propaganda of privilege” in reference to the free press in the UK, which they claim is biased and kowtows to cruel, capitalist “billionaires” – a handy way for them to dismiss journalists’ facts about antisemitism, inanity and corruption within hard-left ranks.  For the likes of windbag MPs Diane Abbott and shouty David Lammy, “privilege” is social apartheid – an opportunity to sit astride guaranteed press coverage knowing that few will be heroic enough to dislodge them from their high horses of divisive bigotry.

The whole point of intersectionality is to confuse, lay waste and system usurp. It’s a clever “truc” cooked up by bitter (long gone) Commie French academics, swallowed by a bunch of crafty American socialists and conveyed back to Britain via a series of lentil-munching drones, who hung out in the sociology and geography departments of our lesser universities before taking these shabby institutions over in later years by boring and confusing administrators into early retirement. It’s been an incredibly successful attempt at reviving communism after the horrific economic and social failures of communist states were exposed in the seventies to the shock and chagrin of reds. From the ashes Marxism has rebounded, buoyed by faking bigness on the internet and by Year Zero millennials. Now there is real money behind these Marxists, and they make use of films and memes to proliferate confusion about “privilege” – making white males in particular unsure of themselves and more prone to succumbing to Marxist untruths.

Take this film, which has been doing the rounds on social media and has been watched almost a million times, called the Life of Privilege:

The film is designed to make white people feel bad, when they never chose to be born white to a particular family or circumstance. The film also makes black people feel bad, encouraging anger and jealousy of the white participants in the race, as if they have lost the lottery of life. Racism and bias rely on what those Marxist sociologists call “racialisation” – the grouping of people based on perceived physical differences, for example skin tone. The film marks differences but only to the point of macro bias – to the point of being useful to Marxists in their efforts to divide; to point out intersectional disunions; to reinforce the idea of “the invisible knapsack” of white privilege.

Of course the film – and intersectionality – are utter bollocks. Piffle as superficial as skin colour itself. The Marxists claim that they seek “equality of outcome” when what they seek to achieve instead are separations that never existed before this race of life was ready to be enjoyed by all; societal infighting so bad that the capitalist system falls and is replaced by another grim and ill-fitting version of socialism, communism or progressive politics (pick your own description for Marxism – moral relativist Marxists have so many these days, just as paedophilia is now known by moral relativist paedophiles as “prejudice” against child sex).

The film is rubbish because it doesn’t get anywhere near the micro detail. The girl in the green shorts who was born the daughter of millionaires but inherited a heart defect meaning she’ll be dead by 26. The black model born with beauty privilege and especially perky nipples who earns $20,000 a week modelling bikinis. The white boy with zero willpower who’s already a drug addict and will pass away on a river bank at 40. The black lad with an IQ of 190 whose doting, unemployed Dad played chess with him every night from the age of five and has made him the best pianist of his age in the Mid-West. The ginger fellow who will become a professional golfer but suffers from manic depression.

If intersectionality were true to itself, it would admit its destructive ends. It would recognise that while humans should under law all be valued equal, equality of gift-receipt is not a facet of human nature that humans can alter successfully without gift-lopping. Then what would be the point of the gift in the first place? Such pointless sacrifice did little to help the Aztecs or other “civilisations” survive in the long run.

Intersectionality is as it was designed – a circle of inward-pointing machine guns firing off bullets until all present are wiped out in bloody rage and hostility. Not dissimilar to the absolutism of extremist Islamism, as displayed in the Algerian civil war in the last decade of the twentieth century, where illiterate goatherds killed illiterate goatherds as they claimed that their interpretation of Islam was the only true one.

The intelligent should just ignore this Marxist tosh and get on. Those confronted by the Marxist Gordian knot should hire a chainsaw and slice the hell through it. If they are actually prejudiced they should ask why they pre-judge – for that is what the brainless illogicality of prejudice entails. Chuckle inoffensively at the absurd Owen Jones, the Abbotts and Lammys – history shall not judge them or their attempt at communist revival positively. Shrug off the Marxist muppets on university campuses and see through the devious tricks of bitter, old sickos like Corbyn and McDonnell who pretend they are kind-hearted do-gooders but flog poison to children in their musty tents; covering support for terrorism with the cheap aftershave of “peace-talking”.

Think intersectionality through to its logical roots and conclusions. (Drink whisky while doing so, as the images that intersectionality conjures require the mindbleach qualities a decent Scotch provides).

Think things through properly and you will ask yourself what free will does a sperm have? What privilege did those successful sperm who became human beings have? Disadvantage is a word rarely used to describe the overwhelming majority of losers in a man’s lifetime production of more than 2 trillion sperm. What about the octogenarian Alzheimer’s patient? The dementia sufferer spending thousands a week on care in a mansion that might as well be a Wendy house? Privilege is to be micro-judged not judged by clumsy Marxist rhinoceri.

Nothing should limit the pursuit of your dreams – certainly not what some Marxist anorak deems “disadvantage” or “privilege”. Don’t be fooled by the Marxists. Ignore their lexicon of hate. Don’t be divided by the racists and gammon callers. Learn to love yourself first – white, black, short, tall, beautiful or battered by the ugly stick – because that’s who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with and on you the perpetuation of human civilisation hangs.