The Stuck Record of Sturgeon


So Nicola Sturgeon wants independence from the UK but wants to be governed by the EU and she doesn’t seem to see the irony in what she is saying?

The First Minister’s record in government is growing increasingly desperate by the day amid growing realisation by the people north and south of the border that she offers “the same old answer for everything” – another vote on independence. Areas such as health and education have suffered as a result of Sturgeon’s focus on constitutional politics. Sturgeon has also failed to tackle A&E waiting times and has presided over a real-terms pay cut for nurses.

For those Scots who voted for Brexit (not the majority but still over 1 in 3 Scots) Sturgeon is detested. She has gone behind the Prime Minister’s back to be an EU shill and will forever be remembered, like other SNP leaders of the past, for her treachery.

The fact is that now even SNP supporters are tired of Sturgeon’s misdirection play. They are bored with this stuck record. They want to see some positive government in Scotland and all they see now is a woman claiming to understand all that all Scots want.

Sturgeon is running out of road. Journalist Mahyar Tousi sums up Sturgeon beautifully in the video below:

If Brexit breeds boredom, bafflement and frustration in Scotland then the whole independence issue is doubly dull. As Charles Moore pointed out there are limits to a nation’s patience – tolerance of independence-seeking parties wanes, as it has done in Quebec:

“Nationalism within a wider nation, such as Scotland’s or Catalonia’s, does well when it expresses revolt, but hits a ceiling when it tries to take full independence. The classic example is Quebec, which has flirted with independence for nearly half a century. Now, as Ms Sturgeon will be uneasily aware, Quebec has become bored with its nationalists. The Parti Québécois won only 17 per cent of the vote in last week’s province-wide elections. The Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), which is anti-immigration, anti-high taxes, anti-Justin Trudeau’s goody-goody Liberals and anti-separatist, topped the poll with 37.5 per cent. Nationalism eventually becomes, as they say in Quebec, vieux jeu.”

As for the Scottish Countryside, us Scots despair. Scottish farmers have been driven into debt and forced off their lands due to the failure of the IT system set up by Sturgeon’s Scottish Government to pass on subsidy payments from the EU. 6,500 acres of woodland have been felled to make way for wind turbines. SNP radicals want land reform to go further than has ever been expressed before: not only to make community buyouts impossible to resist, but to ban landowners leaving their estates to a single heir, breaking them up over time. And they want punitive taxes to force sales. They may not couch it in these terms – but they want Scotland to follow Ireland, where before independence more than half the country was owned by absentees in estates of 3,000 acres or more. The Scottish countryside will become unproductive and threatened by the plans of these individuals who, like Venezuelan Chavistas, happily grabbed land but then starved as they had no idea how to manage it.

Nicola Sturgeon is trying to rip our country apart. She needs more scrutiny – both on her misdirection play of independence and her lack of achievements in government – and hopefully, soon, she will be gone.