May & Steele?


Every dog has its day and Donald Trump is about to have his. The Mueller Investigation has found him to be innocent of any crime, which is quite amazing when you think of a two-year investigation and the extensive resources that the American justice system brought to bear, pressured by Democrats who detest Trump. Trump is in effect squeaky clean but the investigation has unearthed some information that has dire consequences for other players in this game of thrones and there will be some explosive results that may well be felt on this side of the pond.

It’s common knowledge that the original FISA warrant for investigation of the Trump campaign was issued by Rod Rosenstein based on an FBI report that had been produced by a former British intelligence operative by the name of Christopher Steele. It’s also common knowledge that the original dossier was bought and paid for by an investigative company called Fusion GPS who employed Steele – it’s currently under investigation as to who engaged them to commission the report but early indications point to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and possibly to Hillary Clinton herself.

Since the Fusion dossier it has emerged that Steele has been named an enemy of Mother Russia by the FSB and is said to sit on the same hit list as Sergei Skripal. Steele is currently in hiding because he is also being hunted by the Americans for questioning about his dossier.

George Papadopoulos, who served a short sentence for lying to an FBI investigation, has gone public with a story about him being subject to a “honey trap” in London during 2016 where a CIA and/or Turkish security operative posing as a British academic called Azra Turk tried to seduce him with a view to getting information on the Trump campaign. It’s the usual practice for friendly nations to inform the British authorities of any operations taking place on our soil, so were the British authorities condoning an operation to dig for dirt on a presidential candidate? Certainly, GCHQ was digging as hard as it could on Trump.

The Attorney General of the United States, William Barr, has already publicly stated that the Trump campaign was spied upon by the US security services and the question now is was this authorised by the Obama administration? And more importantly for this country, did Obama use other members of the five eyes alliance to circumvent due process in his own country in order to back up the Fusion dossier and enhance the chances of getting a FISA warrant to investigate Trump legitimately?

It would seem that there was indeed foreign interference in the US 2016 presidential election but it would seem that it wasn’t so much Russia interfering as it was the UK and Australia. One wonders what opinion the current US administration has of Sir Richard Dearlove, Robert Hannigan, Sir Andrew Wood and David Cameron, not to mention one Theresa Mary May who was UK Home Secretary at the time this all occurred.

Why is Carole Cadwalladr still ranting on about Russian collusion? Why is the US MSM still talking about it too? Surely Trump is keeping his powder dry so he can take down a few Presidential candidates once Brennan heads to the clink.

Dominoes are being lined up and they are set to fall soon. Foreign intelligence agencies seem to have played a crucial role in the creation of a false Russia-collusion narrative. The ramifications for a British administration of a credible accusation of election-rigging could be political dynamite. And for our beleaguered prime minister in particular trouble is now brewing abroad as well as frothing over at home.