A Prayer for the Bitter & Envious


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I wish You All another wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead. I trust that You are well and that your families are burgeoning.

A decade ago I met a man – let’s call him Dickie – who, at first glance, seemed unblessed. He was a short fellow with tiny, thin arms and the physique of a shrimp. It would be fair to say that the opposite sex were not keen on poor Dickie. From an unprosperous area and with an eccentric mother who – perhaps in honour of her son – collected ornamental trolls, he was bullied at school and sought a career detached from people, preferring to work on contracts. He spent his days hidden away in his mother’s loft, studying and writing about those involved in child molestation and tap-tapping away on his computer. Evil attracted Dickie and so Dickie became increasingly evil.

I learnt from others that Dickie became the personification of negativity and cruelty. He saw the world as unfair. So, he took to his computer and started having a go at people who were in all ways better than him; people around where he lived and further afield. And he met some similar-thinking men online who were also tortured by their lack of gifts and inability to succeed in the real world. He felt like somebody in his echo chamber of losers and took comfort from conspiracies. In so many respects these people became full-time haters – as so often is the case, the bullied at school become the serial bullies and harassers online. Yet to meet Dickie in the street or in a cafe and he’d be polite and reasonable. Behind his computer Dickie felt empowered as if he was an equal to people who – without the invention of the Web – would never have come across him or his new friends, let alone pay any attention to them.

Life’s not fair but God is good.

I don’t know what happened to Dickie but I know there were many incidents with the police. He fell in with the wrong crowd – with a serial bully and stalker who the police warned his mother about. She was forever bailing him out of situations that he had made for himself. He picked up a police harassment notice and got a reputation as a crook and a pervert. He used the police to make vexatious complaint after vexatious complaint to the point where they saw him for what he had become.

I just hope that Dickie has come to expel hatred from his heart, that he has come to accept who he is and to live with those few gifts which were bestowed on him, however useless they may seem to him.

I feel pity for those who are envious and jealous of others and waste away their days stewing in hate. I feel pity for those who are forever seeking to check others’ privilege because their own lot seems so meagre. If these people switched to being positive rather than negative, the world would be a far fairer place and we’d all get on so much better. I often wonder, what do these haters think on their deathbeds? Have they had useful lives? Do they feel like the wastrels they are?

Let us pray for these people and hope that they do not get exploited by those seeking to use them, as the Pied Pipers of this modern age tend to do. Let us pray that they see sense and, when inevitably they hit that wall which hatred builds for them, they see the error in their ways, even if it takes some years away in prison for the penny to drop.

Why do they exist? I cannot answer that.

Have a peaceful day. God Bless.

Everlasting Father, I desire to be as holy as You are. Set me free of the thoughts that consume my mind which cause the jealousy to arise. Substitute the negativity and cruelty within my heart with Your peace and love, and gentle kindness.