A Prayer for the Faithless


I trust that You are well, Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine. This is a bank holiday weekend and I insist that You find time to put Your feet up and have a quiet think.

How is Your faith?

The reality is that should a loved one be in danger or an event confront You that is totally beyond Your control, You will likely be forced to pray. So, why do You not pray when the event or danger are not there?

Church can be dull. It’s a chore on a day when You need to rest after a long, hard week. Understandable. But there is often more to people staying away.

The church repeatedly fails to be a true representation of our father in heaven. A lot of people come into the church with misplaced expectations and end up leaving it more broken. We are supposed to be a place of healing, a sanctuary for the weary and heavy ladened. Yet, we don’t always do that.

I am sorry that the church is too human; too fallible. I can only try my best. I can only pray.

God Bless You All. Have a wonderful week and please remember to pray.

Lord forgive us for those we have turned away from you.
Forgive us for times that we unknowingly stand in the way of people trying to get to you.
Give us a heart for the broken! A heart like you have.
We pray for those whose view of Christ has been marred by how the church has represented him.
Make us true, authentic representation of the father. May they see you when they see us.