Shooting Community Must Wake Up


Can the shooting community please stop their outpouring of misplaced guilt at the death of a Hen Harrier caught in an illegal trap on a grouse moor and reported by the RSPB?


Yes, it is unfortunate a Hen Harrier was killed in an illegal trap and let’s hope they catch the culprit, but until they do will the shooting fraternity stop acting as the marketing department for the animal rights brigade?

Any neutral person reading the comment in the graphic will assume the shooting community are responsible before the conclusion of any investigation. When pointed out it could also have been a setup, the setup theory was rubbished as idiotic, will result in an erosion of trust and credibility and the shooting community should be doing more, like boycotting the estates concerned. That escalated fast! We’ve skipped an investigation, court case and gone straight for the guilty verdict while the very real possibility of a setup has been ruled out. So, if they don’t find the culprit, then it must have been a gamekeeper? How convenient.

Aside from the fact the animal rights lobby relies almost totally on stirring emotion rather than stimulating grey cells – on pointing the finger of guilt for its campaigns based on the mob rather than facts – an outpouring of rage at a yet to be investigated incident plays into their hands by inviting them to assume your guilt by implication.

Let’s not forget, this is the RSPB we are talking about. If you recall, in 2000 they hid their submission from public viewing in a government inquiry because they shoot lots of foxes to protect wildlife. This was done as a favour for their Labour allies who were deliberately misleading the public by claiming the fox is not a pest. Don’t forget, an RSPB spokesperson openly admitted in the Scottish Parliament that the RSPB withheld stories so they could release them to coincide with the Glorious Twelfth.

The hypocrisy of the antis is extraordinary. How can the League Against Cruel Sports campaign against fox control while also supporting the campaign for Hen Harriers knowing foxes need to be shot to help hen Harrier numbers?

The increase in intensive activism from the antis is across the board in the U.K. There has been a marked increase across all spheres, backed up by heart-tugging messages across social media squeezing the public for funds – not just to shut down field sports. In all cases the means justifies the end. From the leftist twitter loudmouths calling all those voting for Brexit racist, homophobic, bigots, to climate extremists trying to infiltrate politicians’ dinner parties, the country has turned very toxic as a hereto weak government has placated activists’ mobs.

It seems perfectly acceptable these days to rig a by-election. After all you’re stopping a bunch of “racist bigots” from obtaining power and the police won’t do anything, will they? They don’t want to offend ethnic groups. See how the labelling works? Labelling fox hunters child-abusing blood thirsty sadists is OK is it? The antis can now “legitimately” hound people at work with a view to getting them the sack, can they? No company wants a “child abusing sadist” working for them surely? Where does the nonsense end?

In the minds of the antis skulduggery justifies the means. The enemy can be smeared in what they see as a just war with misquotes and fake videos. Examples come in weekly across the spectrum, ‘Tory’ Roger Scruton deliberately misquoted, the ‘racist’ Tommy Robinson provoked by a mirror correspondent into a fight while his friend filmed. Then, of course, there were the two girls attacked on a train that miraculously turned overnight into a rant against Boris Johnson.

Only last week Leicestershire Police announced a post-mortem  of a fox claimed to have been savaged to death by hounds “despite the brave attempts of hunt saboteurs to save it”, only the post-mortem results showed it had not died from an attack by another animal. And within the last month Cheshire Police, with their rabidly anti-hunt Police Commissioner bullying them into taking action, announced two investigations have been stopped and all parties notified. A polite way of saying sorry, we wasted taxpayers’ money investigating liars. Where are the prosecutions of the liars? Where is Cheshire Police Commissioner’s resignation letter telling the taxpayers of Cheshire they are not fit for purpose?

Weak politicians are thriving off the mobs. They get agendas to support, votes to win and bandwagons to ride – the bigger the lie the more the publicity.

So, good shooting friends, things can only get worse before they get better. And every time you display guilt through public outrage you are helping to accelerate the demise of shooting. You are fanning the flames of the fundamentalist antis. There are currently around 100 grouse shooting estates in the UK and the level of activism against them grows daily. There were even suggestions recently that horse racing and fishing should be banned. We’re next – never use water to extinguish a grease fire.