A Prayer for Quiet


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You and Your families are well and enjoying the beautiful weather.

These days time seems rarely to stand still.

I see people running around, often literally, on the way to meetings, or to school pick-up or for some other reason. They are in a rush. They don’t have time to stop and ponder. They surely have valid reasons for running around as they do.

This Sunday I ask of You to stop. Just for a while. Consider why. Think over what the point is of this world. How is it that one minute a mother and three young children are settled down to watch Saturday night television and the next minute they are stabbed by their mother’s partner? How is it that thousands of young men and women in the UK spend their lives on the streets looking for the next score? Why is our country so full of beautiful, old churches? Why did the pilgrims walk as they used to in the direction of Canterbury? What did they hope to find?

Please ask yourself why. As you rush about getting through your To Do list, ask To Do Why? When will the list end? Why did it begin? Also, please remember those innocents who died on 7/7 fourteen years ago.

I leave You with a short prayer. A prayer for quiet and inspiration.

I wish You all a peaceful and relaxing Sunday and a wonderful week to come. God Bless.


Dear Father

Quieten our minds 
Still our hearts 
For your living ways are all we seek 

Strengthen our lives 
Inspire our spirits 
In your living waters flow endless grace