McKinstry’s Mauling


Excusing corpses and those voters forced to vote by imams for fear of a beheading, if there’s anyone left in Britain still thinking of voting for Corbyn’s Labour Party then they need to read Leo McKinstry’s account of working alongside Jeremy Corbyn for a decade in his Islington North constituency. McKinstry spells out the obvious – that “the Labour Party is in the grip of hardline, quasi-Marxist, anti-Semitic personality cult” – alongside some harsh words for Labour moderates who he paints as useful idiots and enablers:

“(Labour Moderates) are not only cowardly, but also hypocritical. They send their angry tweets and whine to the broadcasters, but, by campaigning for Labour, they are still working for Corbyn to be Prime Minister. If, as appears likely, a General Election is called soon, the so-called moderates will all be out canvassing in their constituencies for the return of a Corbyn-led Government. That reality makes all their denunciations of him completely meaningless. Effectively, the moderates are Corbyn enablers and agents of his extremism.”

Strong stuff.

McKinstry goes on to fully support the words of former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson towards Jeremy Corbyn who said that “practically anyone” would be better in the job of Labour Leader:

 “Jeremy Corbyn is not just pious and sanctimonious, he’s useless at leading, which is why he has people around him to do his shoelaces and pull his strings,” Johnson claimed recently.

McKinstry holds back no punches in backing Alan Johnson:

“As a former Labour activist who spent a decade working alongside Corbyn in his Islington North constituency, I agree with everything Johnson says.”

There are some good points made by McKinstry about moderates’ fear of Momentum and Labour’s lack of Tory ruthlessness when it comes to leadership changes. He ends with an attack on Labour’s ambitions which he describes as toothless:

“The absence of hard ambition means that socialists are willing to put up with a dud like Corbyn, while they mouth their slogans and wave the red flag. The wilderness is their ideological comfort zone – and Corbyn will ensure they remain there.”

McKinstry’s article is well worth the read. The response from Corbynites has come in the form of the usual bucket of bile:

“Leo McKinstry is a nasty, intolerant man who gets paid to churn out deeply unpleasant, utterly charmless and endlessly repetitive rants.”

“His language often sounds much like the language of the BNP. So it’s no surprise to find a thread with the title ‘Fantastic article by Leo McKinstry’ (about one of his efforts on immigration and the Government hating white people) on the Stormfront forum.”

Clearly, McKinstry is hovering over the target. Corbynites only bother reacting when they’ve been hit. If only they would make their way back to that box they escaped from in September 2015, so the rest of the British population can seal it shut for another 40 years – at least.