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Harry Miller – known by many as “Harry the Owl” on Twitter @HarryTheOwl – has been through a lot. If you’re not up to speed on Harry and the limerick you can learn about Harry’s adventures with the “thought police” here. Country Squire Magazine decided it was time for an update and so one of the Squires interviewed Harry last week: 

Squire: We covered the limerick nonsense on CSM in January. Which police force was it that the original complaint came through, who made it and what has been done about it?

HM: The complainant was ‘someone from down South’ who had worked out where I worked and decided, on the basis of my tweets, that it was probably a dangerous place for trans people. They called Humberside Police, who thoroughly indulged their nonsense.

Squire: Since then has any action been taken against your local Humberside policeman who uttered the now infamous words “I need to check your thinking”? Has he been sent back on his transgender course to relearn why some people are trans?

HM: PC Gul denies saying it. He did say it. Word for word. This was the basis for a 31-minute conversation where I told him about Orwell and 1984. Regardless, his boss Inspector Wilson asked me what motivated me to tweet… which amounts to the same thing. So, no… there was nothing but support for PC Gul. He was trained by something obscure called The Diversity Panel. These people actually believe the ‘wrong body’ theory… which PC Gul duly parroted in a bid to re-educate me out of my “fascist” biological views.


Squire: Your 30 “transphobic” tweets were deemed a non-crime. How can a non-crime escalate into a crime?

HM: We have no idea. They cite Stephen Lawrence but provide no research as to how my tweeting ‘trans women are not women’ can lead to stabbing a black boy at a bus stop. The link is absurd.

Squire: Are you still a police hate crime statistic, Harry?

HM: Yes. Which is why we are going to The High Court. Hate incidents and hate crimes are lumped together into one ridiculous and meaningless statistic. Of course, people only hear the ‘Crime’ bit… which then gives the police an excuse to bring in even more draconian measures.

Squire: So you have a date in court. Who are the defendants?

HM: 1. Humberside Constabulary. We are demanding they erase my incident from their statistics. 2. The College of Policing. We are demanding that they remove their Hate Guidance as it is ridiculous, defining Hate as anything which anyone considers to be hateful regardless of there being any evidence of hate.

Squire: Why are the College of Policing listening to Stonewall rather than Government lawyers?

HM: Institutional capture. In trying not to repeat historical mistakes with race and sexual orientation, the police and the CPS appear to have subcontracted all responsibility for hate to organisations like Stonewall, Mermaids and Gendered Intelligence. These groups have an interest in finding evidence of “hate crimes” because it distracts from legitimate questions about the wisdom of carrying out large-scale medical experiments on children and the assault on women’s rights. For Stonewall in particular, there is a need to justify their existence and secure funding…hence, the reliance on an endless list of trans identities. The police buy it because they’ve been terrified and shamed into believing their nonsense.

Squire: The philosophy behind the Rainbow Reich – that of intersectionality and post modern neo marxism (POMO) – can be criminal in itself. It draws no red lines and has no respect for our laws. Its queer theory (Foucault) allows for paedophiles to be paedophiles. Truth is relative. Do the police know this? Foucault’s colleagues Derrida and Lyotard were, like him, bitter Communists who sought to use language and ideas of intersectionality against middle aged white men like you to destroy capitalist society and thus herald a communist future. Do you think the College of Policing should also drag in an expert on POMOs – someone like Jordan Peterson perhaps – when they are being hoodwinked by Stonewall and forming policy on hate crimes?

HM: I think Cultural Marxism and Queer Theory are at the heart of this, both of which are dangerous. The rush to celebrate fetish, to destroy language, to erode boundaries is motivated by a deep-seated hatred of traditional values and a narcissistic need for society to validate a Me!Me!Me! triumph of the individual over the societal. They are not YOUR pronouns. They are society’s pronouns.

I also think that paedophilia is part of the gender debate. If there is no such thing as sex, why is there such a thing as age? Queering boundaries is a paedophile’s charter. It’s already happening with the blatant sexualisation of so-called child drag artists like Desmond is Amazing.

Squire: What is the Fair Cop campaign?

HM: We are a group of academics, police officers, barristers, politicians and regular people who are making a stand against the politicisation of our police force. We stand against overreaching authority where it breaches our Human Rights as defined by Articles 8, 9, 10 & 11 of the ECHR. We are pro-law and pro-police – but, above all, pro-free speech.

Squire: When you wake up in the morning do you regret the limerick? Could you have ever imagined being an anti POMO revolutionary? You are quite the culture warrior. Do your mates and family ever take the mickey? 

HM: I didn’t write the limerick. A feminist wrote it as a lyric to a song. I simply retweeted it and I don’t regret my tweets for a second. I do not tweet to disrespect individual trans people, ever. I use satire, ask questions, and make comments in a political arena. I’m concerned for Human Rights, free expression, women’s sex-based rights and the primacy of reality over ideology. The police have caused me a huge amount of stress. But what can you do? I didn’t ask for it. But I’m damned if I’m backing off. Bravery is needed.

Squire: Where should our readers donate to your excellent campaign?

HM: Go to this link here.

Squire: Thanks for your time, Harry, and the very best of luck with your fight. 

Please support Harry, Dear Readers. He is single-handedly fighting one of the key battles of the culture war and merits backing. 

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