Country Squire Into Print?


Over the summer Country Squire Magazine has been researching offering readers a quarterly offline publication. This magazine would be sent out to subscribers worldwide at the cost of about £15 a year. This printed version would comprise 70 pages of colour; articles and features interspersed with advertising and reader offers. The content in this quarterly offering would be original content – not featuring on the Country Squire website, which we intend to keep as free-to-use for online readers. The content will be focused primarily on the UK but will also feature interviews and articles related to the US and Indian markets – from where we have many readers – creating more of an international magazine than the online version.

What do you think? You’re the readers. It’s your platform. Do you think that a slick, glossy magazine that can sit alongside your Country Living and  Country Life magazines in the house or doctor’s surgery is a good idea or a surefire dud? We’d like to hear from you in the poll below.

Thanks, as always, for your forthrightness and support.

The Editor