While Others Lose their Heads


So Momentum is calling for hundreds of thousands of people to occupy and blockade our towns and cities, while “peacefully engaging” to restore democracy. Meanwhile the ex-BBC Newsnight journalist Paul Mason is calling for a storming of Downing Street this weekend, as one does. Sir Philip Pullman said in a tweet that he thinks of “rope” and “the nearest lamp-post” when he hears Boris Johnson’s name. Clive Lewis MP says that armchair democracy is unacceptable and people should go out and join in the protest, mirroring the efforts of “successful” protesters Extinction Rebellion.

Country Squire Magazine has a friend inside the protest group Extinction Rebellion. The Communist extremists operating that rabble, under the guise of the Green Blob, had already planned a few weeks of street occupation and protest from the 5th / 7th October, linking up with a massive anti-Brexit street protest due to take place on the 19th October.

These protests are exactly what the Brexit movement – and Boris Johnson’s Government -need. The street exposes the weird gaggles of niche protesters who the average Brit simply refuses to associate with. Scenes like this are grist to the Brexit mill:

Pro-EU supporters are expressing symptoms similar to chronic anxiety – and are prone to anger and despair. Overreactions from key Continuity Remain cheerleaders like David Lammy simply blow wind into Brexiteers’ sails:

Barry Gardiner’s rant on Jacob Rees-Mogg was simply splendid:

The Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney got in and amongst the Remain protesters at Westminster and you get to see who’s lost the argument on the ground. Who’s screaming and shouting? Who are the hotheads?

Just look at how splintered the Remainers are. They are at each others’ throats and already engaged in the blame game. “How did our reaction to the 2016 loss result in top-hatted Steve Bray, Madeleina Supergirl Kay and some shouty chap called Femi representing us?” they ask themselves.

Most sensible people – those who count en masse when it comes to key votes and getting those crucial moments of History across the line – look at those losing the plot on the streets and think “let’s watch the cricket”.

Democracy will win in Britain. It always does in the end. Trust in the People. Not in the judges or the weirdos on the street dressed in the blue and yellow of oppression.

As Sun Tzu noted: “The control of a large force is the same principle as the control of a few men: it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers. If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.”