Conservatives Must Reclaim Green


I like many have made the long and tortuous journey from the Left of politics to the Right. As such, I feel afforded a viewpoint whereby the machinations of organised politics have never really fitted in anywhere along the linear spectrum at any given time. Now, in my mid-fifties, I find myself scratching my head over the notion of just how and when the Left managed to make the ecology of Planet Earth so steadfastly part of their remit.

I wonder how, now, in the age of mainstream post-modernism and overt Neo-Marxism, the loons of Extinction Rebellion appear to have ring-fenced nature itself as being their sole preserve when in fact the people that make up this movement and the innumerable hangers-on are the people least likely to understand the subject, let alone represent those to whom the future of the Earth’s natural development should be entrusted at all.

Let us for a moment consider the beliefs of these people — some of whom, I can attest, have never in their lives actually seen a real-life cow in a field chewing the cud. Let’s face it — these are people who believe that Biology itself is a ‘belief system’, and not just that, but one rooted in ‘systemic oppression’. I used to know these people – they hang around in Haringey and Islington far away from any green spaces.

Conservatism, it seems to me at least, should walk hand in hand with conservation. The fact that it doesn’t can only be attributed to a massive failure of the Right side of politics to grasp this particular bull by its metaphorical horns and wrestle it to the ground. When we see our home, Planet Earth, from space it makes for a spectacular sight of mostly blue and green flecked with the white of the wispy clouds and surely that should be taken as a pointer to the notion that Green arguments should be aligned with the Blue side of the political divide?

The Left use nature as some kind of blunt philosophical cudgel to smash over the heads of the electorate. Even worse, they target those far too young to even be considering how they’ll vote – they get at them young – and create bogeymen of capitalists. The Left terrifies recruits about marching lockstep into a bleak Neoliberal future in which the best they might hope for is living in some converted shipping container performing some form of squalid task on a zero-hours contract, bereft of family and hopelessly addicted to ever dumber media in a social landscape that no longer even favours the notion of having a family of one’s own. The global transnational Left are stupefying bonkers at this point, and the very last people to whom nature should be entrusted.

So I sit here in relative isolation, distrusted to a certain extent by those that have spent their lives on the Right and utterly disavowed now by the Left. And the sight of Michael Gove proclaiming that the entire nation will have switched to electric cars by 2040 frankly boggles the mind. This is the kind of nonsense I would expect from the Corbynistas — and the claim itself has now so thoroughly unravelled as to lay bare the unutterable nonsense that it so obviously is.

It seems that Boris Johnson’s Conservative Government are bending over backwards to appease the Lunatic Left when it comes to Green policies and the wider debates on climate science and renewable energy. They never mention the negatives. Take wind turbines for instance, as they approach the end of their useful lifespan, the blades — some longer than a Boeing 747’s wingspan and designed to withstand hurricane force winds – cannot simply be disposed of. First, they have to be chopped into pieces small enough to be transported by road using high precision diamond-tipped cutting equipment and then they are hauled off to landfill. There are literally tens of thousands of these ageing, bird-bloodied blades waiting to be buried — the whole thing making a mockery of the fine intentions under which they were constructed in the first place. In addition to the estimated 10 brand new nuclear power plants that would be required for Mr Gove’s electric vehicle pipe dream, and all of this at an almost incalculable cost to the taxpayer and industry, where is the money to come from as every business and individual across the Western world is priced off the road with punitive taxation of fossil fuels?

It’s a nonsense and it needs to stop.

The notion of ‘rewilding’ is not new, and it would be fair to say that great swathes of our crumbling inner cities would benefit from being once again turned over to nature — life, after all, always finds a way — but no doubt that can only work if in return great swathes of the countryside are then turned over to the property developers to build the millions upon millions of grotesque little shoe-box houses the Left are going to need to house all the migrants headed our way if they get back into power in the future.

What needs Rewilding is conservatism itself. Conservatives need to get more with it and produce Gretas with panache and style – get back to the basics of conservatism and its green fields. Conservatives have to find the strength to wrestle Nature back out of the hands of those who are philosophically opposed to it.  The Left is always opposed to nature – just look at their weird beliefs. Whether that be by not believing in the genetic and biological differences between men and women — or by those particularly repugnant types that believe in so-called ‘later stage abortion’ (‘infanticide’ as we used to call it), or those that believe in Trans humanism and would seek to put a microchip in everyone’s heads. These people are anti-nature, I assure you.

Yes, conservatives must find it in themselves to connect with the wild. Not just without but within. We must become wild if we are to take control of the narrative. If conservatives cannot find it in themselves to conserve, who will? There’s nothing more worthy of conservation than our planet — and by association the future itself.