Bobby Roberts Was Set Up


The Bobby Roberts case involving Elephant Anne, as we have written about, is full of holes and replete with numerous red flags. Nicolae Nitu, who beat elephant Anne – he is now on the run from British justice and back in his homeland, Romania –  was part of an animal rights’ group set up.


Take the dodgy photograph of Nitu, which someone was kind enough to create a distracting trail with – by setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts using that same photo and Nitu’s name across the Web. We asked the Roberts family if the distributed photo really was of Nicolae Nitu – they had worked with him and seen him on a daily basis. The fact the photograph appeared in the Daily Mail gave it further credence as being of Nitu. It was the photo that people were trying to track down Nitu with. Our caution turned out to be warranted. The photo was a fake – none of the Roberts family recognised Nicolae Nitu by this photo despite it being ubiquitous in coverage prior and at the time of their trial, and then across subsequent coverage.

We then discovered that the main witness used by the CPS in the Roberts’ trial was none other than Robert Cogswell who had a previous conviction for carrying a firearm with the intent to kill or injure. He even tried to mislead the judge over this but was called out by defence barrister Claire Howlett.


Robert Cogswell was once labelled a “terrorist leader” in the press – he also had an association with the most notorious animal rights fanatic of them all, Mel Broughton. Together they started SPEAK in 2004 and claimed to be the ‘the voice for animals’. In 1999 Broughton was jailed for possession of a firebomb found in his car and jailed once again in 2010.

In all of the 15 plus articles published by the Daily Mail over Elephant Anne and Bobby Roberts not one mentions Robert Cogswell’s past. Could this be so their large readership are left in no doubt by the journalist involved over the “guilt” of Bobby Roberts? The consequent public storm didn’t push the hand of the CPS to prosecute using the testimony of a criminal perhaps? All because public hysteria has been whipped by the Daily Mail to find a guilty verdict? Remember the judge only gave a guilty verdict because he couldn’t believe an animal rights group would plant someone in the Roberts’ organisation to beat a defenceless elephant.


Now we know that Spike Stocker – real name Terry Hill – was pulling the strings. Why didn’t the CPS look at the Mary Chipperfield set-up? Or animal rights’ set-up tactics in the States at the time?  Animal Defenders’ plant “Terry Stocker” used the same tactics as were used by Nitu to carry out his set-ups – misdirection plays and false identities. When the authorities went to try and find him to question him over the Chipperfield’s set-up he didn’t actually exist.

The BBC covered the story. “Investigator Terry Stocker adopted the name of “Spike” and inveigled his way into a job at Mary Chipperfield’s winter quarters in Hampshire”

Signed witness statements were sent to the Home Office explaining how Terry Stocker had mixed up incompatible animals so they would fight at Chipperfield’s circus. Others state Stocker/Hill set up scenes of filth in the flesh house to video and kept animals locked in their dens when the owner was away and then claimed it was the owner keeping them locked up.


We now also know that Terry Hill/Stocker and Robert Cogswell were in cahoots in the Bobby Roberts set-up. This is a report from a court observer of Robert Cogswell’s testimony in the Roberts’ case:

“He returned to the farm on 21st Jan 2011 with a Mr Hill and went through to the barn and found he didn’t need to remove a bolt, because there was an almost perfectly sized hole that he found covered by a piece of putty”

Mr Hill is not Terry by any chance? Of course it is – Terry Hill and Robert Cogswell are old ALF mates. The Animal Liberation Front used to have websites with links on how to make a firebomb and another to where they boasted they had been planted. When a bomb sent to Jimmy Chipperfield was made safe by bomb disposal experts it was matched against the one shown on the ALF website.


Why on earth was Cogswell being trusted as a witness? Hill had pulled the same racket a decade earlier and Cogswell was in league with Hill – why didn’t the truth of this association and set-up become apparent in court? Did the press storm skew justice that day? Why didn’t the fat file on Terry Hill’s antics – held by Sussex police – not get aired?

This is of course highly embarrassing for the CPS showing gross negligence on their part missing Terry Hill’s involvement and using a criminal to gain the conviction of an innocent man. Needless to say they too have been informed of what has been a terrible miscarriage of justice.

The court also missed – on the Animal Defenders website – an admission to using the circus groom Tom Rider. In 2009 Tom Rider was found to be a paid plaintiff stateside in a well-publicised court room battle – a full three years before Bobby Roberts went to court. In Dec 2012 – just a month after Bobby Roberts was convicted – America’s equivalent to the RSPCA, the ASPCA, settled to avoid a judgement for racketeering and were forced to hand over 9.3 dollars to Feld Entertainment Inc.


We can now write conclusively that Bobby Roberts was set up. Terrorism won that day. Hill and Cogswell achieved their goal: the Roberts family were assailed by the mob as they went in and out of court, their business and reputations were completely destroyed and they were harassed, bullied and intimidated to the point there is now illness in the family as a result of the harassment.

Animal Rights organisations simply fabricate evidence to get their way. They are short-cutters, in need of constant publicity to fill their coffers and go to illegal lengths to achieve their goals.

Whatever Your opinion on circuses, the Roberts must be exonerated and those involved in this cruel set-up should be forced to face justice. As for Nitu – he knew not what he was doing beating Elephant Anne and, though culpable, his testimony now is a living nightmare for Hill and Cogswell, who should hand themselves into the police before they hear that fateful knock on the door.


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