A Prayer for Front Line Staff


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are healthy and following the rules and regulations of the lock-down in an attempt to thwart the progress of Covid 19. We now live in a strange world where, frankly, a headline warning us of an alien invasion or an incoming meteorite would now be met with a shrug of the shoulders. I have been praying for You all and I’d like You to do the same for Your family, friends and neighbours.

This week I’d like to pray for the front-line staff who are sitting ducks for this illness. For the supermarket staff who are only now getting the credit they merit, for those manning petrol stations and pharmacies, and for the NHS workers who are facing the illness in their patients daily with little to fight it with. This Sunday let us also pray for the army of volunteers going around door to door to help the aged and provide key assistance. I am sure there are many others – not least the farmers who feed us and legislators who marshal us – who also need our prayers.

It is quite normal for people to worry about how the COVID-19 outbreak will affect them and their loved ones. Pay no attention to the doomsayers who quote Revelation 1:1 and talk of the apocalypse. Nonsense. This is not part of the Good News of Christian faith and We must ignore them as We must ignore people without medical expertise when they rant on about the illness.

God Bless You all. I know these are difficult days for many of You. So let us pray and let us have faith, love and hope as We tackle this situation together. Have a loving and joyous Sunday. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Healer of nations,
You provide insight to all who seek You,
And defend those in need.
We thank You for the gift of health services in our nation,
Freely available to everyone no matter their background, income level or need.
Give your wisdom to our government, health professionals, and front-line workers as they tackle the Coronavirus.
We bless our health service to thrive, to prosper, and to heal.
We bless our doctors and nurses to care, to excel, and to bring healing.
We bless our nation to understand, to thank, and to honour those who seek to bring us health.
For everything that is good comes from You.