A Prayer for the Care Homes


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are staying well and maintaining the lock-down. I think of You daily in my prayers. This Sunday We should remember those going through the pain of grief and We should try doubly hard to protect those for whom We are responsible.

This week I would like to pray for the care homes. The staff and residents in the care homes across Britain are having a torrid time. The staff are fighting a similar battle to the hospital staff on the front line but are most often less well equipped and less well trained. Meanwhile the patients are scared. Those suffering from dementia who have the disease cannot be expected to self-isolate and keeping them in their rooms is proving to be very hard for staff.  There is a perfect storm brewing, with staff now overworked as their colleagues fall ill. Managers are hesitant to bring in agency staff as they believe it was agency staff who brought the illness to their homes in the first place.

Please let us spend some time this Sunday praying for those affected in the care homes by the Coronavirus. Let us pray that the staff continue to battle on without fear and with due care for themselves and their residents.

I wish You all well this Sunday. Yes, it is Sunday! I know these days are grim and difficult. Let Us all pray. There will be a time to cheer which is drawing near. God bless You all.

Dear Lord,

We pray today for the care homes across Britain, also those affected in other lands, We pray for their brave staff who are underpaid and overwhelmed. We pray that they stay safe. We also pray for the elderly who are residents in these homes, that they remain healthy and somehow understand the gravity of the Coronavirus outbreak. Please give us the hope and faith We all need to get through this crisis. Lord, please hear our prayer.