Snitchers’ Paradise


There has been much in the news of late to perturb the deeper thinker – regardless of so-called ‘conspiracy theories’. It does not really matter what one might think of David Icke, but his recent banning from social media platforms should worry all and any that consider the notion of Freedom of Speech an inalienable right. It appears that we are staggering blindly into a very warped version of totalitarianism, and dissenting voices are now blithely ‘cancelled’ without so much as a by your leave. Censorship is never the answer.

The now age-old argument of whether social media companies are operating a ‘platform’ or acting as a ‘publisher’ becomes ever more prescient. Under the veil of this pandemic it would appear that simply anyone can be forcibly muzzled with the blanket excuse of it being ‘for your own good’. These are words that have the capacity to become just as chilling to future generations as ‘I was only following orders’, as the landscape of society is changed right in front of our eyes. The most compliant amongst us join together at 8 o’clock every Thursday evening to perform the bizarre ritual of mass virtue signalling that appears to be the very inverse of Orwell’s ‘two minutes of hate’. One wonders how long it will be before a proverbial knock at the door can be expected for those who choose not to indulge in such acts of mass compliance.

As far as ‘social distancing’ is concerned, the Covid environment has already proven itself to be a veritable playground for jobsworths and the type of person that derives delight from anonymously reporting on others for not strictly following the rules. It panders to a certain mind-set and we should be under no misapprehensions that the people for whom this represents a worthwhile way to pass the day are the self-same people that would have been queuing up to become members of the STASI in times gone past.

As for the NHS – just when was it that the logo was officially placed on a background of the LGBTQ+ rainbow flag? This ubiquitous sign appears to be weaselling its way into all manner of visual iconography. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, sports a badge with this new logo on it. Does Hancock know it represents a politicisation of the NHS that signifies a leap of almost geometric proportions to the Left, paying homage to identity politics? Meanwhile we are supposed to applaud the unedifying spectacle of our ‘essential key workers’ kitted out head to foot in the precious PPE equipment that is so short in supply performing puerile dance routines in the corridors of hospitals. Such scenes are highly unprofessional. One cannot imagine how the relatives of someone that had just died from coronavirus might be feeling if they happened to be behind one of the closed doors the nurses were busting their moves to.

It is not difficult to envisage a time at which treatment is withheld from those guilty of wrongthink. There have already been calls to allow those guilty of ‘racism’ to be ignored should they require treatment. Of course, the problem here is just what defines ‘racism’, who gets to decide and the kind of prejudice that might be shown to anyone tarred with the accusation?

Monitors display a video showing facial recognition software in use at the headquarters of the artificial intelligence company Megvii, in Beijing.
Monitors display a video showing facial recognition software in use at the headquarters of the artificial intelligence company Megvii, in Beijing, May 10, 2018. Beijing is putting billions of dollars behind facial recognition and other technologies to track and control its citizens.

The totalitarian Chinese regime – which is quite frankly, evil – are way ahead in implementing social credit bias. Their ‘Sesame’ social credit system turns the entire nation into an open prison which is a tragedy for Chinese citizens. The Chinese Government have lied through their back teeth more than once about this pernicious virus, that may very well have been constructed in a lab in Wuhan. Together with the rest of the Civilised World we should turn our collective backs on China. We must bite the bullet that we have already swallowed – regurgitating it if we must. We are presented with a unique opportunity here, to bring down the last great Evil Empire and bring an end to global Communism.

We have shown that when we act together we can achieve our objectives and that if called upon to make sacrifices we can do so willingly and with good humour. We will never, together, get another chance to collapse this philosophical evil. If we do not grasp the nettle now, we never will and we might as well invite the Chinese to build our 5G Network, get our smart tattoos, have our RFID chips implanted and institute our very own version of Sesame Social Credit as cash is phased out.

If the social credit route is the one taken by Britain then it shall be the most ‘agreeable’ and compliant people that subscribe to it first – the snitches and jobsworths, the wannabe STASI. The Human Race shall forever be changed in the wake of such a Cultural Revolution. For the very first time in Human history it shall not be the strongest that survive a pandemic – it shall be the weakest.