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The first duty of government is to protect its citizens. Indeed, you can map the decline of a nation simply by its inability to uphold the laws enacted for such a purpose. Britain is now failing this litmus test with alarming regularity.

We prefer young black men stab each other to death, rather than take the ‘racist’ step of stopping and searching them. We allow our young girls to be raped, rather than question the lack of diversity in those engaging in such crimes. And we haven’t quite the stomach for deporting terrorists, relying on spurious human rights grounds to assuage our guilt.

Responsibility is now a dangerous vice we entrust only to those least deserving of it. We permit teenage messiahs to lecture us on climate science. We encourage toddlers to go through genders the way they go through nappies. And we’d happily give the vote in utero, provided of course the embryos voted the right way.

Shamima Begum, one-time ISIS pin-up, perfectly illustrates this dichotomy. Let’s remind ourselves of her ‘journey’. In 2015, aged 15, Begum left the UK for Syria to become a jihadi bride – Tinder fast-track, without the red tape. She ‘doesn’t regret going’, ‘wasn’t fazed’ by the severed heads, and ‘had a good time’ at the camp. She naively claims she ‘wouldn’t have found anyone like her husband back in the UK’, and apparently ‘never did anything dangerous’ (unless you count swearing allegiance to a terror cult, and losing 3 children into the bargain).

Let’s also take a moment to remind ourselves what ISIS stands for, what Begum willingly signed up to. The Islamic State is a terrorist regime that wages a constant war on the West via massacres and suicide bombings. They burn people alive in cages, and seek to establish a global caliphate. For her part, witness accounts are that Begum was a recruiter for ISIS as well as a strict enforcer of ISIS law – Cathy come home it ain’t!

The one downside to the ISIS club 18-30 experience it seems, is the lack of decent healthcare –  the focus being primarily on aborting rather than supporting life. This was Begum’s initial reason for wishing to return last year – the lack of a jihadi NHS.

Still, thanks to a stellar legal team Begum is well on her way to being Heathrow-bound. After last week’s staggeringly myopic Court of Appeal ruling, ‘Fairness and justice must, on the facts of this case, outweigh the national security concerns’, Begum is entitled to return home to fight for her revoked citizenship. And with PR experts clearly on the payroll (ditch the burka for jeans luv), it seems feasible that Begum will shortly be employing her talents as a gap-year adviser, social worker, or Labour Party diversity officer.

Begum’s case says much more about Britain than it does about her – we are in bad shape. With by far the highest number of returning jihadi fighters in Europe, Begum’s case is likely to open the floodgates to hundreds more undesirables. That’s on top of the 23,000 jihadist extremists already walking our streets, not to mention the 4% of British Muslims who sympathise with terrorism and suicide bombing. You’d think then that the minimum requirement for importing more would be that they at least pretend not to want to kill us? Even Begum’s own father concurs, ‘She doesn’t deserve to come back to Britain’.

You can argue the niceties of International Law all you want, but the British people are eminently more sensible than that: they don’t care for it. They support common sense. Seventy-eight percent of Brits supported the revocation of Begum’s citizenship last year, and there is no reason to suspect that sentiment has changed.

Which begs the question of Boris’s administration: if a Tory government with an 80-seat majority is unwilling or incapable of keeping her out (when it manages regularly to keep certain people out on the most tenuous of hate speech grounds), then exactly what use is it? What is Priti Patel going to say to the parents of Begum’s first victim, or the victims of subsequent jihadis who follow in her wake? This is a make or break for Boris.

And as for Liberty, who intervened on Begum’s behalf – you’re taking liberties. As an unquestionable threat to national security as well as national sanity, it is utterly immoral that Begum be allowed to return home in anything other than a body bag. Betraying your country used to be called treason – a word we ought to remember. Shammy, on behalf of the British people, don’t come home!

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