Epitaph for Labour


Three generations of my family voted for you. Without thinking. That was the thing to do. In our area in the North East there was only coal. That meant we voted red for working people. When Blair came to power he called himself a socialist, but we didn’t really know what that meant, just that Labour looked out for the little guy while the Tories were a self-preservation society for toffs and tycoons.

It all started to go wrong with Blair. He took our sons’ lives with that stupid jaunt into Iraq then Afghanistan. He should be in jail along with that villain Campbell. We were conned into believing that Brown would be a man of the people and that Blair was an aberration, so we were happy when he took over, but he turned out to be in thrall to the big banks and his goose was cooked when he bottled an early general election. Then along came Miliband, with no worldly experience at all and a lunatic Marxist Dad who hated Britain like a lot of Marxist fools. Then came the Islington tramp – look how for a while he stole away our children and grandchildren with his Pied Piper’s flute!

Now I am fast approaching sixty years of age. I never had a problem with gays or lesbians but these days I’m scared to talk about them in case my comments are deemed insufficiently woke. I don’t have any interest in what the trans lobby has to say – they comprise a tiny subsection of society and have always existed but so have autistics and other unfortunate minorities who you have to feel sorry for, really. Likewise blacks and Asians – it didn’t bother me in the past whether my mate was black or Asian or white. Now I’m conscious that people – and you, the Labour Party who take the knee  – are daily pointing out differences where they never existed. I blame you. Labour is guilty via your David Lammy rants and your recruitment of dividers like Lloyd Russell-Moyle. You’re breaking society apart. Worse, you are blaming white men like me for minorities’ problems when we were not even around in the days of the British Empire. When will you stop perpetuating the con that the British Empire was some kind of British-exclusive sin when other imperial powers existed who vied for land and treasure in a battle for survival? For the record I am so proud to be British and related to winners not losers. You cannot erase my history. Yes, the slave trade was horrific but there are far more slaves around today, who hardly get a mention, along with their Arab and African slave masters. As for reparations for Empire? What next? Reparations for dinosaurs being hit by a meteorite we in the present have similar levels of responsibility for? Go stuff calls for reparations where the sun don’t shine!

Finally, let’s discuss Palestine, shall we? With its population a million short of Scotland – another land that wastes far too much time and energy under your leftist and divisive clones, the SNP – Palestine is as relevant a place to Britain as Panama. So why on earth is Labour so obsessed with it? Why have Labour Party Conferences descended into Palestine flag-waving events? Do you not see that people like me who used to vote Labour do not give a shit about Palestine? Palestine bears as much significance to everyday Britain as Moldova or Mongolia.  

I’ll tell you why.

Because Labour hates Britain. Brexit brought the truth out. Labour has become a middle-class, Britain-hating talking shop full of divisive ideas and one consequence – an inability to win elections. It shames me to say it but the Labour Party of 2020 has less love of Britain than Trump’s Republicans or Canada’s Liberals.

As for Keir Starmer, don’t get me started. He screwed up the judiciary, leaving our streets as dangerous as they have ever been. Terrorism has grown exponentially. Grooming gangs were ignored. BBC scandals hushed up. So, Sir Keir is the solution to all Labour’s troubles?

Labour is finished.

Get out of the way for a new party that loves Britain. One that rejects socialism and is free of Anti-Semites and Palestinian flag-wavers.

Labour deserves the circular firing squad it has become.

After a career in the military, Mark Hook now works in the Midlands as a programmer.