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Dear Editor,

I have followed your magazine’s recent exposés of the mountebanks masquerading as representatives of animal rights. I commend you and your writers for giving light to the truth.

May I suggest that as well as following the money, you also look in depth at my old employer the BBC and show just how it is responsible for repeated attacks on the countryside. Yes, this is through awarding of contractual relationships to bug-eyed charlatans like Chris Packham but also through editorial policy which creates a townie view of the countryside, damaging in so many ways to the lifestyles and livelihoods of licence fee payers in rural areas. These decisions are an extension of class war and reek of privilege checking. Countrysiders are made out to be knuckle-dragging bumpkins when in reality those with any wherewithal at the BBC buy a place in the country as soon as they damn well can.

Could it be that a movement against the BBC along the lines of #defundthebbc takes hold better in the countryside and is the least likely to be countered by BBC licence fee enforcers because of prohibitive collecting costs? There is a growing anger in rural areas at the dismissive view that the BBC has of farmers, of rural businesses and rural attitudes. Maybe it is time that rural folk spoke up more and rebelled in a more concerted fashion. The push over the cliff that the dying licence fee BBC model needs should be one that emanates from the countryside.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Margaret Wise

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