A Prayer for the Lost & Stolen


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You and Your loved ones are well.

This week I’d like to focus on those poor souls who have lost dogs and other pets to thieves, or simply lost their beloved creatures. I know how cruel such situations can be on people, as well as the missing creatures.

Those who are engaged in the business of dog theft or dog fighting using stolen dogs are heartless and some of the very worst criminals. They cause untold damage to victim families. They are responsible for many cancers and suicides. They merit greater punishments than currently exist for them in this country and it is good that there is now a discussion about holding them to account.

It does not sink into their sociopathic minds that a dog can be as treasured as a human in a family. There is nothing wrong with such families. They are not weird. They are not living against the scriptures. Showing love and care for animals is a positive thing. Taking care of a pet is a responsibility that helps the younger members of the family grow in duty.

So, this week let us remember those whose every hour is spent wondering where their lost or stolen pet is. Let us pray that they find their missing pet. Let us hope that those involved in their theft are brought to proper justice, or find a way to repent.

I wish You all a pleasant week ahead. I trust that You have a peaceful Sunday. God bless You all.

Dear Lord,

This Sunday We pray for Your mercy on those who have stolen the pets of innocent families. We ask You to trigger their consciences and to go back to where they stole the creatures, to return them and bring joy to their victims. We also ask that You assuage the pain of those who have suffered the theft or loss of creatures. May they see joy again and let them in time either be reunited or get over their loss.

Lord, please hear our prayer,