A Prayer for the Tired


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are well and that You are enjoying the beginnings of spring. The daffodils are starting to blossom and I see a carpet of snowdrops from my window. Spring brings hope.

This week I would like to pray for the tired. The tired may be workers coming off night shifts, nurses overworked by Covid and its associated angst, carers or insomniacs. It is a horrible thing to be permanently tired. It is difficult to think straight. You think you are dropping off to sleep and then a commitment or journey or baby or faulty body clock then prevent You from getting some much needed sleep.

Let us pray this week for these people who are stuck in a Sisyphean Groundhog day. That they may find some rest.

I wish You all a wonderful and peaceful Sunday. I trust that You have a good week ahead. If you are worried, have faith. If stressed, take deep breaths and fall back on prayer. God Bless You all.

Forgive us Lord for the times we’ve failed to lift our eyes first to you, for the days we’ve forgotten to even come before you. Fill us with the power of your Holy Spirit today; with your strength, your peace, your joy. Fill us with your spiritual wisdom and discernment, and the constant reminders that your presence will go with us, and you will give us rest. We ask for your healing over every part of our lives – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We ask that you would make us strong and resilient for the days ahead. We know that you have great purpose for those who believe in your name. Help us not to allow the distractions and struggles of our days, weary us down to the point of exhaustion.