A Prayer for Palm Sunday


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are well. I welcome You to a one-hour abbreviated Palm Sunday as Holy Week gets going across the globe. Today is the first day.

What is Palm Sunday and why is it considered important?

On Palm Sunday Jesus arrived in Jerusalem to crowds and cheers. His triumphant entry into Jerusalem has been celebrated on the Sunday before Easter since the first centuries of Christianity. The crowds waved palm branches and covered his path with them. Churches remember this with crosses made from palm leaves and hold processions like the one that Jesus experienced, although this year such processions shall be few and far between for obvious reasons.

Red or purple are appropriate for Palm Sunday. During Holy Week, purple is used until the church is stripped bare on Maundy Thursday; the church remains stripped bare on Good Friday and Holy Saturday, though in some places black might be used on those days. Palm Sunday is like a glimpse of Easter. It’s a little bit joyful after being sombre during Lent.

Today is a good chance for You to reflect upon the meaning of Easter, what it will bring to You and how You should be grateful come the pain of Good Friday. How have You sinned? How can You be forgiven?

I wish You a peaceful and happy Palm Sunday as well as a meaningful and memorable Holy Week to come. God Bless You all.

Holy God,
our lives are laid open before you:
rescue us from the chaos of sin
and through the death of your Son
bring us healing and make us whole
in Jesus Christ our Lord