The Sweet Taste of Satire

Satire is a powerful art form, one with the ability to point out questionable human behaviours and the social issues resulting from them so that they become absurd and even hilarious, entertaining a wide audience in the process. 

“You can’t make up anything anymore. The world itself is a satire. All you’re doing is recording it.” — Art Buchwald.

This beautiful medium of expression has existed throughout recorded history, with examples of satirical work living long before the genre had even been defined. We, for one, are glad this powerful tool for social critique is still alive and well today and perhaps even more prevalent than ever.

Satire in branding can be a dangerous game and a risky marketing strategy when executed poorly, but when you hit the spot – boy oh boy, does it have an impact! Satire, parody, and irony can all capture one’s imagination and live long in the memory. That is certainly the case when it comes to Political Confectioneries, a relatively new biscuit maker who takes a bite out of UK politics.  

Handling Your Biscuit Business

Political Confectioneries is a concept still fresh out the oven, created by two sets of brothers brought together by a mutual love for biscuits and politics. They launched in February 2020 headfirst into a COVID world of no high-street sales and arguably the worst recession in history. Despite this, they remain determined to illuminate and ridicule the absurdities of current affairs while delighting taste buds at the same time. This family-run business has ambitions to be a world leader in baked satire.

Political Confectioneries satirises politicians, public events and key public figures into a high-end sweet treat offering, fashioned in a quintessentially British style. If there are two things this nation loves, it’s satire and a cracking baked good – the combination of which is both highly entertaining and a delicious gift.

Though the follies of public figures are often the butt of the joke when it comes to PC, it seemed almost as if they were being pranked when their first product – called the Brexit Biscuit – was upstaged early last year by a crazy bat flu. I think it’s fair to say it hasn’t been a walk in the park for these confectionery connoisseurs, but their positive approach is unwavering.

When the going gets tough, they revert to what they know – drinking tea, eating biscuits and discussing why they love and hate the government, which happens almost daily!

The Way the Cookie Crumbles  

The creators of Political Confectioneries aspired to create something undeniably British, posing the questions to themselves, like “What’s more British than Brexit?” A biscuit.

Eureka! It suddenly became their duty to tell the ludicrous tale of Brexit through a delectable treat: The jaw-dropping story of how a powerful few convinced an angry electorate to shoot itself twice in each foot before asking whether it was a grand idea.

Whether you voted to leave or stay, I think we can all agree it’s been a long and confusing four years. As Brits, there’s nothing left to do but laugh at the fiasco that is Brexit, and Political Confectioneries are here to help with that. Right now, the vaccine programme could be described as advertising for vote leave, but who knows what the future holds. Count Binface could soon be Mayor of London!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the hilarious tongue-in-cheek biscuits Political Confectioneries stock at present.  

The Brexit Biscuit

Baked in the heart of Lancashire using traditional methods and only the finest ingredients before being wrapped up inside Article 50, lies a classic British indulgence. A biscuit that urges you to pick a side, break the divide on whether we should have left or remained, and share a snappable all-butter shortbread with family, friends or colleagues alike.

The biscuits come in a tin body illustrating the contentious story of Brexit, seeped in satire. The biscuits aptly break as 52-48, representative of the final Brexit vote outcome. So close yet so far, this is the only biscuit in the world to break exactly off-centre.

The Briefing Biscuit

A disastrous mess of a year calls for an Eton Mess-inspired biscuit – the perfect cure for lockdown fatigue. Enjoy finding your least favourite characters of 2021 on our briefing room tube and tearing through the tier restriction wrapping, as if lifting the restrictions yourself! Relish the satisfactory feeling of throwing away tier restrictions which made no sense and drove us all mad with confusion.      

The Briefing Biscuit, an Eton Mess, represents the next stage of Boris Johnson’s political career: A torrid affair. The tube reveals what goes on behind the scenes when you spin it around – dodgy dealings, indecision and a hidden tramp stamp on Boris’s lower back are a sight to behold. 

It’s a fun and insightful way for the UK people to imagine what really goes on inside the Downing Street briefing room, as none of us really know. All we do know is the new briefing room costs £2.6m; these delicious biscuits cost only £9.95; and the biscuits have a far better chance of making your day.

The Briefing Biscuit is currently the most relevant of their offerings, and we think it only fair that the politicians involved are satirised on a tube of British biscuits for us all to enjoy. Let’s get down to biscuits: These unique Eton Mess treats are made of white chocolate chips with strawberry chunks on a clotted cream base. Baked to perfection, these are also made truly authentically, which will surely have you salivating for more. 

It’s no secret Britain loves a good biscuit. It’s ingrained in our culture. As soon as someone says, ‘I’ll put the kettle on,’ we instantly think, ‘yes, I do fancy a good biscuit with my tea.’ Finding the ultimate biscuit to dunk in your tea is a sacred practice one should not take lightly. And as such, we encourage you to try Political Confectioneries. Biscuits don’t get much more British.

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