Taking the Brexit Biscuit


Last Friday the Independent noted how a London food bank has been criticised for refusing to accept a donation of ‘Brexit biscuits’ because they would be ‘too political’, in a move which ‘some would no doubt argue takes the biscuit’.

Political Confectioneries (conveniently shortened to ‘PC’) are behind the snack, which comes wrapped in a copy of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – the treaty which was triggered in 2017, marking the beginning of the UK leaving the European Union (EU). To top it off, the biscuit itself is split in two. One side is the Union Jack, and the other contains the stars of the EU flag. The idea being that nibblers are invited to “pick a side [and] break the divide.

However, while other London food banks accepted donations of the biscuits, Wandsworth apparently weren’t so keen. In an email shared by Metro UK, Wandsworth Food Bank said “as much as we’d like to accept your offer of the biscuits”, they have to be “seen as apolitical”. “The message on the packaging would compromise this,” they wrote.

One of PC’s co-founders, Orlando Gaul, wasn’t pleased by the move.

I think [the food bank] are in heavy Remain territory and like most overt ‘wokeys’ fear they can’t have any kind of humour because everyone gets offended by anything now. I could smile at someone and they could get offended. I think it’s kind of ridiculous to have rejected the donations,” Gaul told the website.

Wandsworth Food Bank apparently declined to comment.

Country Squire Magazine covered Political Confectioneries back in April. Orlando kindly sent the Squires some samples.

Absolutely delicious.

Great gifts for Remainer friends and relatives!

You can access the Political Confectioneries’ store here.