The Green Massacre?


If you watched Andrew Neil’s interview with the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, last week you will have seen Neil ask how much current net zero plans would cost. Apparently it’s circa £1 trillion. I think that is quite a chunk of change.

But is this the only cost ?

The current population of the earth is around 7 billion. The way that the earth has managed to feed that growing population is by constantly innovating its farming techniques to create higher yields – through scientific advances in fertiliser, crop usage and genetic manipulation of crops and animals.

In this country, which has led the way in a responsible and a scientific manner, most setbacks have been brought about by green initiatives and experiments. Many of the problems created elsewhere have been brought about by naked capitalist greed, such as the destruction of the rainforests and the creation of the 1930’s dust bowl in the US. In general, humankind can be reasonably proud in the achievement of reducing poverty and hunger by over 50% over the last 100 years but our green lobby doesn’t think that way. It thinks we’ve not done very well at all.

The rabid ecologists want our consumption decreased by orders of magnitude in order to save the planet from raging climate change. I personally think that the whole climate discussion is Malthusian in nature and terrifying in its implications because the levels of change required to effect the change that is needed requires huge population reduction and a decrease of consumption by the individuals that remain that would leave them in a Neolithic state of existence.

Electricity is the eco-chuggers’ main retort to the Neolithic accusation – not just bog-standard electricity though. Electricity has to be produced by carbon free means. Electric cars, cookers and heating systems powered by solar, wind and hydroelectric energy – all sounds neat until you add in the environmental cost of mining rare earth minerals and the disposal or recycling of batteries and panels. Our power grid is already under strain and in California, which is at the forefront of green tech, they are already experiencing brownouts and blackouts as the grid comes under ever greater strain.

Beyond power, the green requirement is that we consume less meat and milk because it’s inefficient use of the land and apparently cattle produce an inordinate amount of greenhouse gases as part of their digestive process. How they manage the intellectual gymnastics to justify the grand renaturing plan that will facilitate the return of huge herds of caribou and bison without those creatures creating methane is a question no greens have answered.

In New Zealand, farmers are seeing land being cordoned off as “of special scientific interest”, so they own the land but can’t do anything with it. Without resistance it won’t be that long before we start to see this in Europe and North America. The creation of untouchable tracts of land will happen unchecked – not as we have now with national parks that are undeveloped to maintain the traditional way of life, instead land that becomes depopulated and renatured to allow a return to a prehuman state. This of course will reduce yields and variety of produce on offer.

So if we don’t produce enough electricity to power the new needs and don’t produce enough food to feed everyone that we have currently then what’s the outcome to be?

Well certainly, private car ownership has to be hugely curtailed, farmers must invest in electric plant and that leaves us with food. We apparently have too many people and what beckons is a new Holodamor, a reference to the starving of millions in the Ukraine by Stalin, other than shooting people. It’s the only answer to a ridiculous question.

Our state apparatuses are currently filled with EcoCommunists, our education systems, civil services and state bodies are populated with brainwashed zealots, our politicians are being falsely informed and misled – they are leading us down a civilisational blind alley where equality and social justice will equate to rapid depopulation and human beings become the new cattle.

It isn’t too late to question this direction of travel, but time is running short.

I am a grounded optimist. I believe that humankind has the ability to find solutions to population growth and natural climate change through the positive use of science and basic human ingenuity. We can’t let the greens tell us that the only way forward is to eat insects while they still have private jets and munch on beefsteak. We are at a period in our civilisation where we should be reaching for the stars and the greens want us instead to stare at the ground.

Paul Newall is a child of the 1960’s from a traditional Labour-supporting household. Paul dabbled with Trotskyism in the 1980’s but then “grew up and thanks to having responsibilities I slowly migrated across the political spectrum until instead of hating Maggie Thatcher I admired her for beating my side in the miners’ strike”.