It’s Dave’s World

BY STEWART SLATER Like George Nathaniel Curzon, David Cameron is a most superior person. His face is pink, his hair is sleek. He may even (for all I know) dine at Blenheim once a week. Unlike “Dear George”, Dave became Prime Minister but the former would gain some comfort, I am sure, from having been Viceroy of India and a Marquess rather than having to … Continue reading It’s Dave’s World

Certain Defeat Over Potential Defeat

BY ALEX STORY A picture, as the saying goes, is worth a thousand words. A few months ago, one was taken in Yorkshire, in Rishi Sunak’s constituency. In it, the Prime Minister stands in the middle of a courtyard. Around him are a handful of conservative activists. He looks desperate for attention and affection, a cramped half smile frozen on his melancholy face – to … Continue reading Certain Defeat Over Potential Defeat

Letter from the Countryside

Dear Mr Sunak,   The totemic issue of our times is freedom. All political nostra come down to this: Freedom to do what we want – so long as our actions do not physically harm anyone else. The freedom of the individual should be sacrosanct. Yet the freedom to travel, raise a family, start a business, publish and broadcast, to live unfettered is all under threat. … Continue reading Letter from the Countryside

Gender Recognition Stooshie

BY IAN MITCHELL Readers wondering in amazement that Nicola Sturgeon has again put forward a measure which she must have known was going to be knocked back by the United Kingdom government need to understand her background and political personality. Her tactics with the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, which was vetoed on Monday night by the British government, have caused surprise. To me, as … Continue reading Gender Recognition Stooshie

The Era of Revelation

BY ALEX STORY We live in the era of revelation. In earlier times, politicians hid their scorn from us, the people, behind smiles, heartfelt assurances and thick curtains. Betraying your country was, whilst par for the course, something that needed to be done discreetly. On the 13th December 2007, for instance, Gordon Brown, signed the Lisbon Treaty, the revamped and rejected European Constitution, alone and … Continue reading The Era of Revelation

The Castration of Capitalism

THE CITY GRUMP In keeping with the spirit of the times, here is a warning: Some Readers may find some of the following content upsetting and the characters portrayed, disturbing. Having read this article, those readers may wish to seek help but I am unable to say where they may go for such. After the swift ejection of the Truss/ Kwarteng combo, the general consensus … Continue reading The Castration of Capitalism

What’s Eating British Capitalism?

THE CITY GRUMP “Current existing systems massively reward high status well connected people” As usual Dominic Cummings hit the nail on the head when answering a question on checks and balances in front of the Science and Technology Committee last week (I sometimes fantasise over what could have been achieved if the Blessed Margaret had worked with Cummings instead of our current dissembling PM). I … Continue reading What’s Eating British Capitalism?

A Political CGT Blueprint

THE CITY GRUMP As government debt skyrockets, thanks to Covid19 lockdowns, naturally the Treasury’s thoughts turn to increasing taxes.  Some think the holy grail is to seek out tax, which will be worth collecting and somehow be seen to make life fairer for us citizens. To this end the Treasury commissioned the Orwellian sounding Office for Tax Simplification (OTS) to come up with ways of reforming … Continue reading A Political CGT Blueprint

The Sunak Handouts

THE CITY GRUMP The mainstream media seem to have fallen hook line and sinker for our photogenic Chancellor’s July 8th handouts. Headlines like “Come dine with me” and “Rishi Dishy” are everywhere, while the FT’s normally sensible Deputy Editor, Robert Shrimsley, declares “Mr Sunak presented a substantial and imaginative statement”. No he didn’t, it is all flash and no substance. Where to start? Okay let’s … Continue reading The Sunak Handouts