The Constant Lie


The sirens are calling us to surrender territory for peace.

The Windsor Framework rips the United Kingdom apart and robs us of our sovereign dignity.

Northern Ireland is to be thrown to the European Union wolves and subjected to rule by diktat.

The United Kingdom will have to consult the European Union if it wishes to pass a law that might lead to some form of divergence.

Our masters will in the end be, and this without any representation, the European Commission and its satellite organisations.

We are out of the European Union, but only officially.

Our officials have chosen to keep us subjected to the bureaucratic bloc we chose to leave seven long years ago.

The electorate, who daily work, toil and pay for our self-righteous, pusillanimous, and deeply unimpressive masters, were wrong.

By their deeds we now know our masters fully.

Ignoring the propaganda, we are left with the certainty that our ruling caste no longer understands what being sovereign means and what it implies.

It is very good at pretending to know.

For instance, when it comes to fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian or banging on about the sacrosanct borders and sovereignty of that poor and beleaguered country, our effete leaders muster a great deal of enthusiasm.

However, when it comes to our very own country, it is unable to feign the slightest bit of interest for her history, her borders and her peoples. Daily they show it: they have no pride in who we are or were.  

Sunak’s Windsor Framework breaks up the United Kingdom. It creates a border that did not exist and one that no one wanted.  

In effect, Sunak chose subjugation and humiliation.

He didn’t kick the can into the long grass so much as build a framework for our eventual and full capitulation.

Accepting no divergence between the United Kingdom and a sclerotic European Union is tantamount to climbing back onto the Titanic to hear the band strike a tune one last time.

A country unable to pass her own laws to serve her own people according to their needs is not sovereign.

Given the mess that is the Conservative Party and the duplicity of the Labour Party, there was little doubt that the government would get its way – by hook or by crook.

Accepting humiliation once, however, is a sure way of guaranteeing we will suffer more indignities at ever decreasing time intervals until, in the end, our heads bowed, we will be forced to re-join on extraordinarily onerous terms. The French will have it no other way.

By choosing short term expediency instead of solid principles, the government is telling us that our country no longer matters to it.

If this sounds like an exaggeration, it is worth remembering that beyond the empty rhetoric and the torrent of dishonesties we hear daily lies a graveyard of broken promises and discarded pledges.

The jam is always promised for tomorrow.

Our borders are non existent; Our children under attack in their schools and in their towns; Our police no longer concerned about real crimes such as burglaries, assaults, and grooming.

Our government no longer knows how to govern and is desperate to delegate the arduous task to a non-democratic body beyond our shores.

Our Civil Servants and officials talk openly about eradicating our history. The Welsh Government recently opined that statues of ‘old white men’ may need to be destroyed.

Welsh First Minister, Mark Drakeford, threw our history and people far greater than himself who shaped it under the bus. Sounding like a mealymouthed Church of England Vicar, he said “some of our historic buildings are reminders of this painful period of our history”. He meant our entire past.

Further north, contender to the Scottish National Party leadership, Humza Yousaf in early March swore to break-up the United Kingdom “by any means necessary”.

Earlier, in February, he said “99 of the meetings I go to I’m the only non-white person in the room” before launching a diatribe against white people – in Scotland of all places.

He repeated the word “White”, full of hatred and sneering as he did, close to thirty times in less than a minute, showing that racism is alive and well in the SNP. If he has to play the race card to “break up” the country, he will gladly do so.

In London, under Sadiq Khan, the Labour Mayor of London, the Metropolitan Police has put our most precious monuments on a secret list of ‘contentious’ statues – including the cenotaph. For the latter, no reasons were given. The memorial is simply deemed problematic.

Our corporate sector, civil servants and schools are also working against our future by injecting the poison of gender, self-doubt and self-loathing into the young minds of our children.

Self-loathing and self-doubt are not solid cornerstones on which to build a successful and solid polity.

And a country unable to govern itself cannot long survive.

A realm without a memory is just a piece of real estate, shorn of its mystique and glory, available to the highest bidder, destined to be torn apart by the inclement winds of political reality.

A state which allows its officials to disparage its own people is making a strong point: It is saying that it doesn’t like you, what you stand for, and who you think you are.

The corollary is simply that it will work against you and your best interest most of the time and deceive you for the remainder.

Sunak, to his very small electorate, promised competence.

From the point of view of a marketing exercise, the Windsor Framework and the deception it carried had a certain panache.

But, what the big print giveth, the small print taketh.

In this case, the small print points to one of the greatest acts of abject surrender to a foreign power we have ever witnessed.

Sunak is ensuring the constant interference of the European Union in our internal affairs.

Our civil servants, if Sue Gray, the former civil servant who served as Permanent Secretary in the Cabinet Office from May 2021 to March 2023, now Sir Keir Starmer’s chief of staff, is anything to go by, will guarantee that the United Kingdom, minus Northern Ireland, never deviates from regulations that we, as a people, never wanted and would never have voted for. We will be subjected to comply.

The Windsor Framework is not so much an exercise in deception with few technical drawbacks although that is what it is.

It is our United Kingdom’s final curtain unless its premise is rejected in full.

Alex Story is Head of Business Development at a City broker working with Hedge Funds and other financial institutions. He stood for parliament in 2005, 2010 and 2015. In 2016, he won the right to represent Yorkshire & the Humber in the European Parliament. He didn’t take the seat.