Smearing Boris Backfires

CSM EDITORIAL The dossier and smears launched against Boris Johnson this weekend seemed planned to coincide with the launch of the ERG’s alternative plans for Brexit. The hitjob is well-detailed here  here  and here  As things turned out, Boris’ use of the term suicide vest rather dulled the attacks – a quite brilliant shield tactic or a lucky counter strike by the man who could well … Continue reading Smearing Boris Backfires

From Remain to Out Now

BY DANIEL SALT Daniel Salt is a Twitter user. Yesterday he wrote a thread about the EU that, by popular demand, we at Country Squire Magazine have been urged to republish in full, below. (So, please excuse the grammar – it is published unchanged and somewhat replete with the dashes and endless sentences of Twitter threads). Daniel makes some important, heartfelt points that deserve a wider … Continue reading From Remain to Out Now

Brexit – Or Else

BY DAVID EYLES The current chaos and confusion exhibited by the government over the Brexit negotiations begs the question: What will be the electoral consequences of a ‘failed Brexit’ or a ‘weak Brexit’ or even ‘no Brexit’? To answer that question, this report analyses the 2015 and 2017 election results for every current Conservative MP and their constituencies. These are tied back to the 2016 … Continue reading Brexit – Or Else

The Sinister Pro-EU Artistic Bubble

BY SAM HOOPER Having been spat out of the British educational system knowing virtually nothing of history, classical music came to serve as the primary window through which I discovered nearly everything I now know, love or am fascinated about culture, art and history. For instance, after discovering the music of Dmitri Shostakovitch and learning about the composer’s life working under threat from the Soviet … Continue reading The Sinister Pro-EU Artistic Bubble

Red, White & Blue

BY MANDY BALDWIN In our common struggle against those waning Globalists who deny our unique identities, it’s vital that we remember genuine friendships between nations. We may have a network of relationships around the globe, but for Britain, our defining friendships are with France and the USA, representing Europe and the Anglosphere respectively. Much of the American Constitution is rooted in Magna Carta, first declaration … Continue reading Red, White & Blue