The Might & Rights Of Catalonia

BY MANDY BALDWIN On Sunday, from Catalonia, we heard a mouse roar – and what a mighty roar it was. In an awesome act of courage which should humble all of us, 90% of Catalan people voted for independence. With black-clad, armed Spanish police having closed polling stations, beating elderly women with batons, firing rubber bullets, dragging young girls around the ground like broken dolls, … Continue reading The Might & Rights Of Catalonia

Magna Carta & All That

BY MANDY BALDWIN Our ability to hang Theresa May for treason was removed in 1998 by Tony Blair – a man so slippery he covered his tracks before he’d even made them.  Nevertheless, the law still allows us to imprison for life any person seeking ‘to move or stir any foreigner to invade the United Kingdom or any other country belonging to the sovereign.’ May’s … Continue reading Magna Carta & All That

How Should May Play?

Under the EU’s phased negotiating strategy, which has been described as “inflexible” by the UK, talks on trade can only begin once “sufficient progress” has been made on citizens’ rights, the Brexit bill and Ireland. Progress, albeit slow at times, is being made on the first and last of those subjects but the financial settlement is at a dead end, with the UK refusing to … Continue reading How Should May Play?

Labour’s Brexit Ruse Exposed

BY BEN PENSANT Just because Corbyn’s spent his whole career opposed to the EU doesn’t mean he wants us to leave the EU. And just because Labour’s manifesto stated they would support a hard Brexit doesn’t mean they’re going to support a hard Brexit. Do I need to draw a diagram? Corbynites who voted for Jezza know this, so why are Blairites in such a tizz? All over … Continue reading Labour’s Brexit Ruse Exposed

Great British Brexit Calendar

A year ago the people of Britain spoke with a loud and clear voice. They chose to leave the European Union, and there’s no better way to be part of the historic countdown to Brexit than with The Great British Brexit Calendar.   Lord Tim Bell explains: “We have taken the first steps to set a new course for our great Country. With negotiations to leave the European Union now underway, the countdown to a stronger and greater Britain has begun.”   “Far … Continue reading Great British Brexit Calendar