Let them Eat Cake

BY DAVID EYLES After the referendum and the General Election which followed it, both of the main parties stated categorically that they would uphold and enact the results of that referendum. In case readers should need reminding, this was to leave the European Union. It was not to play about on the edges, being halfway in or out; it was not to have another little … Continue reading Let them Eat Cake

The EU Fails Ordinary People

BY JAMIE FOSTER The Guardian was almost drunk with joy that ‘30 top intellectuals’ published their sentimental call to arms in which they claimed Europe was teetering on the brink of annihilation. You can imagine that these 30 top intellectuals have each other on speed dial just in case the moment presents itself to whine about the state of the world and warn of calamities … Continue reading The EU Fails Ordinary People

Well Done, Mrs May

CSM EDITORIAL Prior to the General Election – and when she bravely called it – we have fully backed Theresa May on the pages of this magazine. Ever since, we have not been kind to, or supportive of, our Prime Minister. Not since the Prime Minister imploded in the General Election campaign, threatening the country with the appalling Corbyn and making the UK seem a … Continue reading Well Done, Mrs May