Message for Keith

The Labour Party was formed to support the working classes, not the upper-middle-dinner-party-chattering classes of North London. The people aren’t terribly impressed with your ‘leadership’ at the CPS, when it ignored calls to charge Jimmy Savile, suppressing prosecutions of organised mass paedophilic rape gangs and representing various criminals in expensive cases against the British government and people over the years.

We’re also not awfully impressed at your ‘taking a knee’ (what the hell was that all about?) in support of a Marxist organisation that had the backing of only a tiny and revoltingly vocal minority of people in this country.

We know that you and your MPs did not represent your (former) voting base, demonstrated clearly by your trying to engineer a remain vote in the EU referendum and when that battle was lost, by then trying to sabotage that vote for years afterwards instead of implementing the will of the people.

It’s probably worth mentioning that in general most of us aren’t awfully keen on being taxed more so that that money can then be thrown in the direction of those who could work but choose not to or overseas, instead of being spent on genuine needy causes at home. Just a passing observation.

You may also want to look at uncontrolled immigration, something cheerfully brought in to engineer votes for a Labour government in the 1990s which has hugely changed the demographic and societal makeup in many traditional Labour voting areas….. that has been a lot less popular than you may think with the people who live in those areas, Keir. Not that most of them can say anything of course, because if such things are even mentioned in passing, your far left screeching rabble of followers immediately shout ‘racist’ and close down any reasoned debate. Can you guess which party all these people affected by this stuff are voting for now? Clue: It’s not you.

In short, although you think you do, you do not know better than the suppressed and put upon majority. Your rabid supporters are loud and think they are a majority, but they are not. What they actually are is a bloody awful mob who completely p*ss off the majority of the population while loudly agreeing with each other and being constantly amazed that anyone has the gall to disagree with them.

Guess what buddy? This is still a democratic country and whilst we may live in some justified fear of expressing our beliefs due to the now accepted fascist level of control of public opinion imposed on us from both government and the unrepresentative media, every few years we get a vote and can make our feelings clear. Based on the election results now and in December 2019, you might want to think about that.

All the very best xx

Taken off Facebook and edited accordingly