Free Springwatch Alternatives


If you’re fed up with hearing nonsense like ‘horses chewing the cud’ on BBC’s Springwatch, there are some excellent alternatives out there if countryside watching is your thing and you like to have your grey matter stimulated by on the ground experts rather than script-reading presenters.

One fellow who should have his own TV programme is Graham Denny. Graham’s a farmer and award winning conservationist who works with all groups to save British wildlife and migratory birds, ringing over 35,000 birds on his farm in the last 13 years. A sample of Graham’s work can be found via Twitter below:

Another farmer who knows his stuff is Welsh farmer Gareth Wyn Jones. Gareth already does some TV and radio work but you’ll find more regular videos on his Twitter feed from the spectacular backdrop of the Welsh hills. Again, a sample below:

If we have missed any other actual country people who produce wildlife or farming content which you can actually learn from, please use the contact button above and we’ll try and include them here on this page.

Many thanks.