Time to End Farm Trespass


Make trespass on British Farms a criminal offence! Protect British farmers from trespass, including by animal rights protestors, who are entering private property without permission. Protect livestock from unnecessary stress caused by people trespassing on private property without permission. Many people, including animal rights protestors are entering farms without permission. This is an invasion of privacy, it is a health and safety risk, and it also risks the spread of disease. These invasions also cause unnecessary stress to livestock which is against the ‘Five Needs’ Legislation passed by the British Government. Farmers who have been pushed to breaking point are being arrested for trying to protect themselves, their livestock and their property. This is unacceptable!

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Unsure? Then consider this….

After 11 years of Conservative rule and 25 years since animal rights criminals broke into the Chipperfields’ farm and scared its sleeping animals witless by shining torches in their faces and filming the incident, nothing has been done about animal rights lunatics entering private property without permission for the purpose of filming political stunts. The animals then were lions. He took this intrusion to the broadcasting authorities and won. The BBC who promoted the set-up were forced to broadcast his upheld complaints.

“The thing is,” one well-placed source told CSM, “nobody wants to speak out in case they get a bomb in the post”.

Animal rights extremists may have become more sophisticated since then but they’re still as nasty.

Now beef and dairy farmers are considered murderers by activists whose screws these days are even looser.

Farmers across the land need to reflect on the government’s political cowardice as they batten down the hatches against the marauding gangs of thugs from towns pretending to be hunt monitors and the con men videoing in their cow sheds or protesting at the end of their drive.

Currently the nations’ farms  – the ones that put the food on our tables – are being trespassed all over by hunt sabs and other ne’er do wells. Perfectly legal traps are being smashed up and animal rights fraudsters are often installing spy cameras in the hope they catch a herdsman on an off day. This is unacceptable.

Please sign the petition. It is the least we can do for British farmers.