Abuse of Courts Needs Punishing

Dear Editor,

You will have noticed the sharp rise in crowdfunded legal actions by fringe leftie activists. The Good Law Project is one such activist-run operation, laughingly named. There are dozens of other cases funded by animal rights extremists and their charitable arms. They tend to operate with the tank-chasing variety of legal firms, who are happy to accept their silver.

The recent Quorn Hunt case which left members of the hunt cleared of encouraging hounds to look for a fox left the CPS looking like activists themselves when the trial collapsed with no evidence of any foxhunting at all. Why on earth did this go to trial?

Leicester Magistrates’ Court heard the men were filmed by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) near Breedon-on-the-Hill, Leicestershire. LACS’ film was well known to have been falsely adduced, so why was the question of perjury not brought up against whoever produced it? One conviction for perjury against any of these antis’ charities would be the kiss of death for the group in question. Did it not occur to the CPS that evidence of a fox being hunted was a rather crucial element in any successful prosecution?

My point is that the Huntsman John Finnegan and whipper-in Rhys Matcham from the Quorn Hunt went through hell. And why? How well were they compensated? Why should these men suffer from vexatious legal threats in the first place? Why should other crowdfunded chancers get away with vexatious legal threats, often based on contrived evidence, which are designed merely to hurt their opponents and stifle their legitimate pursuits?

It is high time there was a fuss kicked up about abuse of the courts by the likes of LACS and other corrupted entities like the RSPB. The courts are not the plaything of the ideologically possessed. Their monies should be handed to the victims of vexatious claims and those behind the legal actions should be exposed publicly, their law firms fined and the full force of the law brought against these vexatious timewasters. Crowdfunded legal action should be looked on with suspicion by authorities across the United Kingdom.

Yours sincerely,

Charlie Worthington